Why Are Off-site Meetings Becoming More Popular and What Are the Benefits?

Few professionals and businesses will claim meetings are productive and useful. Yet, it is virtually impossible to run a business without them. The upside is that there are ways to turn mundane, unproductive meetings into collaborative exercises that result in actionable and meaningful outcomes. The biggest cause behind meeting fatigue is tied to hosts who simply have not learned how to organize and facilitate meetings that are focused, engaging, and results-oriented.

Meetings that matter most are not those that are scheduled on a routine basis—occurring once a week or twice a week. Rather, the meetings that matter most are those that are not the reoccurring ones and moreover ones that take place offsite—away from the distractions and interruptions of the office.

The Power Of Appearance / Perception Of Success

“You never get a second chance to make a first impression”, you have probably read that phrase at least a few dozen times in your life. And although first impressions are very important, it is far more important that you maintain that great vibe throughout the duration of any relationship you would like to continue nurturing, whether personal or professional. You want people to perceive you and your business as reliable, professional, friendly, approachable, efficient, and valuable. All these attributes are impossible to fake. 

Take your office space for example: does it convey professionalism? Do you have a place to hold a board meeting? Can you host a webinar? If you work in a coffee shop or from your home office the answer to those questions is clearly NO! 

Remember that your clients and prospects will be sizing up your business from the very first contact and for the entire duration of your relationship with them. Imagine two different scenarios:

5 Tips for Effectively Managing Remote Employees

In an economy where it is already difficult to recruit and retain top-quality workers and upwards of 80% of workers indicating they would like to work remotely at least part of the time, companies must provide their employees with remote work options and moreover to keep their options open whenever recruiting and hiring for most professional positions. Businesses waiting for the remote workforce to arrive are late to the party and are playing catch-up. A recent study by IWG found that 70% of the workforce works remotely at least one day a week, and more than half works remotely at least half of the week.

Why the Remote Workforce Drives Positive Business Outcomes

Businesses that fail to tap into the potentials of the remote workforce put themselves at a disadvantage, often struggling to fill certain positions, missing opportunities to hire the best talent available, and experiencing high turnover rates due to the lack of a remote work policy. There are other benefits of remote work as well, including:

4 Common Mistakes That Startups Make

Whether you are a Solopreneur, Entrepreneur or are thinking about starting your own business there are many who have walked down that path before you. Some have gone on to massive success, others have failed miserably, and there are those who are hanging on by a thread. The truth is you can learn a lot from all of them. Here are four common mistakes.

Looking unprofessional

This one is far too common. We all know an entrepreneur who has been reading too many blogs about how others first got started in the startup world. He has absorbed all these started-from-your-mom’s-garage stories and is convinced that you don’t need an office or anything that sounds too corporate to make it big. So he spends his time working in loud coffee shops, trying to find the quietest corner to have virtual meeting with clients and partners, doing his best to ignore the barista who is giving him the “are you going to buy something else?” look. Not to mention the less than ideal internet speed and overpriced coffee.

What Nobody Told You About Remote Work From Home

Working from home provides unparalleled freedom and flexibility that you won’t find with any traditional company.

Now, that’s not to say that remote work doesn’t come with its own set of challenges — but don’t despair; In this article, we have provided you with powerful solutions to three common obstacles that people face when transitioning from a traditional in-house position to remote work from home.

With this information, you will be better prepared to step into the magnetic freedom of working from home without losing your grip on success. These tips will help you build your remote business in a way that is realistic and productive, while staying on top of the challenges that come with such a magnitude of flexibility and independence.

Here’s what nobody told you about remote work from home.

Finding a Space for Your Next Deposition: Persona is All.

In the practice of law, appearances count.  

While in many industries casual dress has become the normstandard attire at law firms – from partners to support staff – leans toward the formal 

Moreover, lawyers tend to occupy Class A office spaceseeking prime buildings, often with breathtaking views, in the most prestige locations. Inside, teams of well-dressed attorneys, associates and staff bustle within spacious, richly appointed interiors. 


Law firms historically used their office space as a branding tool, conveying status, power, success and authority to clients, according to Knoll Workplace Research on The Emerged Law Firm 

“The public face is to reinforce the brand, experience, expertise and depth of reputation,” said Gensler’s Jim Prendergast, Principal, Gensler, Chicago. “The quality of the materials, the rigor of their detailing, innovative use of finishes and timeless quality of design speaks about the level of service clients will get from the firm.”   


A delicate balance exists between portraying a successful, professional persona and managing expenses to keep a healthy bottom line, particularly for solo practitioners and small firms. 

Tips For Organizing A Successful Networking Event

You already know that networking is vital to your business, and probably attend networking events with some frequency. But have you ever hosted a networking event yourself? Here are a few reasons why you definitely should organize such an event and the best tips so your networking event is a smash!

Why you should organize a networking event?

The first benefit you will get is that more people will get to know you, your company and your products or services. If you have been marketing your business diligently in a number of platforms (both on and offline) then you know just how hard it is to get new people interested in what you have to offer. A face-to-face event might just be the thing your marketing strategy needs to convert people from interested into paying customers. As an added bonus they will get to meet others in the community you are creating.

Where to Hold Your Next Industry Seminar

Organizing a seminar isn’t easy. You’ve got speakers to find, an agenda to build, and lots of marketing to do. On top of all the other responsibilities that come with hosting your own seminar, you’ve also got to find affordable and accommodating meeting space for rent, compare meeting room rates, and arrange for A/V equipment and catering.

It’s a lot of work and a lot of pressure.

Allow us to take some of the weight off your shoulders. In this article, we’ll give you a simple action plan for finding just the right seminar room rental. Once you’re finished here, you’ll be able to check off one of the most daunting tasks on your checklist.

Quick Tips for Planning a Successful Seminar

Before you start looking at seminar rooms and meeting spaces for rent, make sure you nail down these key details to develop a solid understanding of what your needs are. Otherwise, you may spend a lot of extra time going back and forth with various points of contact for different rentals.

How To Ace Your Next Funding Presentation

Funding for your business venture is a vital part of the journey of owning a successful business. But how do you successfully ace your funding presentation? Here are some tips to help you ace that meeting! 

First you need to determine which space you will use for your presentation. Ideally you will book an impressive meeting room in a well known office building in your city, this sets the right tone for your funding presentation. The meeting room itself should be fully equipped with the latest in presentation technology such as high-definition projectors, screens, high-speed wireless internet, smart boards, etc.

You will have to create the presentation itself. In order to have a successful funding presentation you will have to show potential investors that you have all your bases covered and are ready to enter the market.

5 Ways Freelancers Can Benefit From A Meeting Room

As a freelancer you might be getting your daily work done from the comfort of your home office, your favorite coffee shop or maybe that coworking space you love and book a few days a week.

But what happens when you need to have a business meeting with a potential client or partner? What about if you want to have a video conference or conduct a webinar to showcase your product or service?

Instead of pitching your clients at your home office (SSID: Wi Fi Fo Fum), it’s time to find a better solution. It’s time you book a meeting room.

Here’s 5 reasons why:

1. A meeting room conveys professionalism

When you meet your clients or business partners in a setting that was designed for business you are signaling to them that you take your company and their time seriously, and they in turn will treat you with respect. Additionally you ensure that the meeting happens in a quiet place with no distractions.