Mobile Apps SEO: A complete guide for App Owners

In today’s business world, it is important to have an app. We may understand search engine optimization – or SEO. However, app owners who apply this knowledge can easily create one that improves visibility, which will increase business. As you will see, applying SEO knowledge to apps may take some tweaks.  But, the rewards are plentiful.

Getting Ranked In SERPs

Using website SEO has become common. However, according to, anyone who understands how to create good search engine optimization to get mobile apps ranked will improve their business. After all, good SEO increases your search engine results page (SERP) ranking. These pages are the results of your search terms.  Whatever search engine you use, you will see similar results based on rankings.

In order to help you increase your chances of your app getting higher on the SERPs, there are several things you can do:

  • Feature your brand prominently in the app name – It links the anchor text with the App Store and Android Market. Make sure they link to your profile page, and the brand name is in the Download Page URL
  • Link to your app profile page from your Homepage and footer – Make everything point to the download page using screenshots and the important page links to your site
  • Include your brand name in the link text – Saying “Download App” is too generic. Use your brand name everywhere to reinforce it
  • Provide a QR link – Using this option will allow people to scan the code, and download it, while they are on-the-go. Just remember to compress the link
  • Cross promote to mobile users, searches, and bots – Remember that people still use the internet in a variety of ways. Put the link at the top of your page, and make sure the app links are crawlable so that they can be reached by everyone

How Do Users Find Apps?

It may also help to understand the process by which this all takes place to help users find apps.  According to, studies show that “inbound, organic channels in the app store are the biggest drivers for downloads.”  They also say that 61 percent of consumers find apps through searches, and the best data comes from platform owners.  In fact, Google Play Head of Search of Discovery Ankit Jain said, “For the average app, search actually makes up the vast majority of installs.”  However, other than app store searches, also states that Top Charts can be a driver of app downloads.  Paid marketing will help you in your effort to increase inbound marketing.  It’s like “buying your way” into the Top Charts.

The Future of SEO And Mobile Apps

As the information above already mentions, getting an app noticed in the SERPs is vital.  However, as mobisoft tells us, the reasons behind this notion are many:

  • Apps could replace websites – Since most people use their phone to go online, apps have become essential. The changing technology – and how it’s used – could change things sooner than you think
  • On-The-Go Necessities – As technology changes, people get information immediately anywhere they are. They no longer need to just sit at a computer to get what they are looking for
  • Interactivity – People can also do several other things like book cabs and hotels, edit videos, and play games
  • Business Impact – Let’s be honest. More-and-more businesses are creating, and using, their apps to connect, and interact with people.  It’s another method they use to build their business.  Without one, you could be left in the dust

Enhance Your App

You may think that getting your app noticed could be difficult.  But, it doesn’t have to be.  With the Enhance tool, you can implement and update any mobile software development kit – or SDK.  It’s quick, easy, and – best of all – free.

All you have to do is select the services you want to implement, and upload your compiled app file.  The Enhance program patches and injects the services.  Once it’s done, just download and publish your Enhanced app with all the new services you picked out.


While more companies become familiar with SEO, they also need to apply that knowledge to apps.  Doing so will allow them to create one that gets noticed, which will help increase business.  Programs like Enhance make it quick and easy to do that for free so you can focus your revenue on other products and services.


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