Cloud Video Conferencing Transforms the Workplace and Workstyles

The workplace is changing rapidly. No longer are workers measured based on the amount of time spent sitting at their desks or in their offices. The concept of a defined 9 AM to 5 PM workday also is becoming a relic of the past. Instead, workers are measured based on their performance, and whether their work contributes to bottom-line results.

Workplace and Workstyles Changing Rapidly

One factor is demographic changes in the workforce. Millennials comprise over half of the workforce, and more than one-quarter hold managerial roles. Much has been written about millennials and their desire to use technologies from the consumer world at work; they look for solutions that are easy to use and enable them and their colleagues to be more productive and to engage with customers in new and better ways.

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How Do You Gauge If Your Meeting Was A Success: And The Secret For Managing Even Better Ones?

With employees at work being more agile, mobile, and nomadic — getting together, especially for those critical/high-yielding and productive meetings that value more from in-person face-to-face collaboration, are becoming more necessary and requiring sharper planning than ever before, often at an inopportune time. Meetings require careful consideration on when and where they need to occur — plus given consideration as to whether they even are necessary, virtually through a video/conference call or Skype, or can be better handled for a better use of time.  

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The Supreme Benefits Of On-Demand Meeting Access For Entrepreneurs and Business Pros

OK … so many of us are now into an agile & mobile, work anytime/anywhere, work-life balancing way of living. Got it. And, since we’re no longer Headquarter or CCR (Centrally Commuted Office) centric, we also have found all kinds of cost-effective, clever ways to satisfy our spontaneous workspace needs … thanks in great part to the  growth and popularity of Virtual Office Plans. But what about when you need a Meeting Room — from a reliable, basic space to sit with a few people face-to-face, to maybe a locale that can accommodate hundreds of people with all the accoutrements and IT & AV gadgetry, plus catering, copying and other services that you need?

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Using Pay-Per-Use Meeting Rooms To Work ‘Lean’ And Save Lots Of Money

Making money and profits … saving money …. and working lean – 3 of the key, guiding objectives of today’s businesses; from Fortune 50, multi-national conglomerates, to the solopreneur dreamer. It’s also the driving force behind why Virtual Officing and Remote Working are such a popular, booming work-way alternative these days.

You simply may not need to have a CCO (Centrally Commuted Office) or Headquarters space anymore, as an absolute ‘must’ to legitimize a business and impress clients, and/or to keep an eye on the workers the way a commanding officer traditionally keeps an eye on his troops (traditionally from 9:00 to 5:00 at most companies) to make sure they’re toeing the line, following rules and procedures, and producing results. In fact, CCO-ing and hierarchal vigilance are fast becoming a fading artifact leftover from the standard, disciplined, militaristic model of running a business and supervising employees that businesses routinely mirrored for centuries.

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4 Ways to Stay Healthy When Working From Home [Infographic]

At Davinci we are huge advocates for staying healthy.  Image is everything and you always want to be your best self.  So we put together an infographic with 4 ways to stay healthy when working from home.


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Personalized Omnichannel Engagement

Personalized customer experience is something that companies of virtually all shapes and sizes must provide. Once thought to be a highly complex undertaking & only accessible to large companies, personalization is now something buyers and customers—B2C and B2B—expect from virtually all vendor interactions. This new world of personalized customer experience means every interaction with a brand—whether email, text, online, or in-person—must reflect personal and business preferences and requirements.

Why Personalization Is Important

The business case for personalization is patently obvious. The ability to create unique, personalized experiences translates into more loyal and engaged customers and increased sales. Office space was one area that was mostly unchanged, until Davinci Meeting Rooms changed the industry by letting our customers personalize their office needs by offering hourly rentals. Indeed, a recent study by Gartner finds that brands offering personalization will outperform competitive brands by 15 percent by 2018.

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Customer Success Story – GlobeConsult, LLC

For this month’s customer success story, we bring you another satisfied Davinci Meeting Rooms customer – GlobeConsult LLC. They are an international business development consulting company that specializes in helping oil, gas, petrochemicals, power plants & many other sectors expand their presence internationally. Founded by Mancy Malek, GlobeConsult has over 25 years of experience in the international business environment, and a work history in Europe, Middle East & spanning all throughout the world, helping small & medium businesses expand internationally.

So when this growing company needed a small conference room to meet an international client, one that was also in a convenient location for both parties, Mancy ended up picking Davinci to provide this service after a friend of his found and recommended us. After contacting us, our helpful representative Lindsay A. helped narrow down the options based on what he was looking for. Mancy stated, “This was my first encounter with Davinci. They gave me several options and even made recommendations as to what would be good for me and my visitor.”

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Creative Ways to Make Your Meetings More Productive

Productivity and meetings should go hand-in-hand, but a new survey reveals that is not always the case. Seventy-two percent of meeting-goers reported they felt half or less than half of their business meetings are productive, according to The Truth about Meeting Culture, a survey released by Mersive.

Professionals spend enormous amounts of time in meetings—33% of meeting-goers attend 10 or more meetings per week, according to the report. The survey further reveals that engagement and maintaining meeting focus are the biggest challenges faced in meetings.

What’s a meeting organizer to do? Try these well-known tips and tricks—and little known secrets—for driving employee productivity at company meetings from our resident experts. We’ll start off with three secrets from Paul Rulkens, president of Agrippa Consulting International, an expert in high performance and author of The Power of Preeminence.

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Why Have a Meeting, If It’s Not an Event?

We live in a time when the reason to call for and have a physical meeting needs to be considered more prudently. In many instances, meetings are simply a relic left from the days when they were critical to the consistent and successful communication that organizations, departments and colleagues needed to have in order to make sure everyone was thoroughly versed, expressed and on the same page.

Those days when we need to physically meet are dwindling. Technological wizardry is evolving each day that enables people to virtually meet via web applications, teleconferencing systems, and through other methods and gadgetry. Add to that the fact that people remote work now more than ever (and more so with each passing day)…and you have a burgeoning, voracious need and market for online tele-meetings, closely being chased and satisfied by leap-frogging, innovative IT communications advances.

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Are You Planning a Customer Event? 12 Things to Consider

Customer events are great opportunities for companies to foster deeper, more strategic relationships with their customers. Research shows that customers who attend events have fewer support issues, are more loyal, and enlarge their spend.

The benefits are a two-way street. Users yearn for the chance to interact directly with their vendors and with each other. Because of the information they obtain from these interactions, they leave more knowledgeable and better equipped as an end user.

Business Value of Local Events

While some companies can afford to manage annual end-user conferences, many cannot do so—and this is particularly true for most small businesses. Large events require substantial logistics, resources, time, and cost. On the flip side, local customer events are much easier to orchestrate for small businesses. Many customers also prefer intimate events where they can have more substantive conversations with other local users.

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