Reducing Stress While Keeping Your Edge

Stress can undermine success. When you are working at the top of your game, making sure you manage stress can be the secret to a long and healthy business life. While there is a lot of advice out there, and plenty of stress reduction programs, pills and prescriptions, some of the best remedies for reducing stress are ideas you might hear from your mother.

If there is one single, top reason for out of control stress, it probably has to do with not getting enough sleep. Sleep is vital to physical and mental regeneration. How much sleep a person needs differs between individuals, but every person has an optimum amount, usually somewhere between five and nine hours. If you do not get this amount of sleep, you will have a harder time managing stress. So, while it may sound banal, knowing how much sleep you really need, and meeting that need, is one of the first places to look if you are looking to reduce stress in your life.

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Working from Home: Pros versus Cons

Working from home isn’t for everyone, but thanks to improved technology, it is a new possibility for more people than ever before. These pros and cons will help you decide if working at home is right for you.


1. Manage your own schedule: Avoid having to give up all the best concerts and hangouts, just because of an inconvenient work schedule. Work when you want to work, and take back control of your day.

2. No commuting: Some people sit in a car, bus, or subway for an hour or two every day. Spend that time doing something else, like catching up on sleep.

3. Save money: Gas, lunches out, and a professional wardrobe are just some of the expenses you can totally shrink by working from home.

4. Workplace variety: You can work in a home office, at the kitchen table, or at the coffee house down the street. Find a place with wireless Internet access, and you’re set!

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A Simple Solution To A Lack Of Conference Space Problem

If you own a business, it is sometimes necessary to conduct business meetings. If you want your business meeting to be a success, you are going to need the right sized space to fit all who are involved in your meeting. Unfortunately, not all companies have the space needed to conduct a successful business meeting. If you are the owner of a company and you do not have the space needed to conduct a successful business meeting, you might want to consider renting a conference room from Davinci Meeting & Conference Rooms.

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Coworking Beats Isolation

is a system of working that has grabbed the attention of many work from home professionals. Working from home has many pluses. It affords workers a lifestyle that many only dream about, such as setting their own schedules, enjoying flexibility and making time for f Coworking amily. Working from home also has its own special challenges. Domestic distractions as well as working in isolation of others can put a damper on working from home.

To avoid these setbacks, some have put the home office on hold indefinitely, as well as limited it to a few days a week, by seeking out a coworking work environment. Although more men seek out this arrangement, more women are taking the plunge to rent a shared office space with others also seeking a way to escape isolation. Davinci Meeting Rooms provide you with a desk and the proper connections for your basic office equipment, such as your laptop. The open floor plans offer little in the way of privacy, but that is the whole idea of coworking. Workers pay by the day, week or month for use of the space. They share common amenities, such as the conference room, fax machine and coffee service.

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Businesses are Embracing Flexible Meeting Room Solutions in 2012

With many businesses and organizations looking to cut costs while adding flexibility and ease of use, some forward-thinking companies are taking advantage of outsourced meeting venues. These professional conference facilities provide you with the ultimate business meeting experience while eliminating the need to plan your meetings long in advance or schedule them for a minimum number of hours.

What are the alternatives? You could add a conference room to your firm’s office. This may provide greater flexibility; you can use it at any time and set up the equipment of your choice. However, it proves rather costly to build an expansion and buy the necessary furniture. You would still need to rent conference rooms for meetings in other cities.

You could use conventional hotel meeting rooms that are expensive and stale. Most hotels will require you to reserve a room for a minimum number of hours. Some also apply time limits or other restrictions. Hotels have larger sources of income, so they aren’t compelled to offer the best equipment or lowest rates on conference center rentals.

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