Flexible Meeting Spaces Increase Productivity

There comes a time in every worker’s life when the mindset to produce just isn’t there. No matter how many breaks you take from the mundane task of getting yourself back into the groove, you might as well tell yourself it just isn’t happening. Sometimes it has nothing to do with the creative spark dying out. More it’s often related to just being tired.

We all sometimes tend to burn the candle at both ends without realizing that the body will eventually tell on us and as a defense mechanism, it will temporarily shut down on physical activity and the mental processes. At this time we must give our bodies what they crave and relax.

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Increase Collaboration with Cool Meeting Rooms

It pays to get out of your regular office and find a different venue for collaborating with colleagues. A change of scenery can do wonders for the impact productivity can have on a company’s staff and the company’s revenue. It isn’t difficult to find a change of venue because cool meeting rooms are available in cities throughout the United States, as well as abroad.

Besides being appreciative of a different venue, companies also seek outside meeting places to use newer equipment that they may not have a budget for. Basically you only have to pinpoint a location, find a meeting room to facilitate your setup and determine how long the room or rooms will be needed for. Companies find the cost of renting the facilities far outweigh the cost of hosting groups at local eateries or coffee shops.

Some companies regularly rent meeting room facilities for various reasons like quarterly meetings, executive board meetings, and special events.

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Meeting Rooms 101

Occasionally a self-employed person working at home will want to leave the comfort of the home office to meet with a contingent of perspective clients, to host a workshop or to give an appreciation luncheon. Whatever the occasion, the quarters they work within at home are not going to be large enough to accommodate their gathering.

I once attended a meeting in a luxury highrise apartment building. The host was a multilevel marketer, seeking to recruit people who were interested in becoming entrepreneurs by selling the company’s products. Since the host lived in the building he welcomed everyone with a big “Hello, welcome to my basement,” as if it would be the norm for meetings given at home. But, being in a high rise, his meeting was held in the penthouse meeting room, overlooking the beautiful skyline of the big city.

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Need to be More Productive? Leave the Office

Sometimes our creativity becomes stifled and no matter what we do it’s hard to untangle ourselves from it. If you are a freelance writer, for example, your livelihood depends on your creativity and the ability to weave words together. All writers inevitably face writer’s block, lack of motivation, illness, etc., that imposes a block to productivity.

No matter what profession you’re in, get back on track by taking a break from the office. Go for a walk, or go the movies. Explore things around you. Take in nature’s changing seasons and get a new feel for your environment. Your mind and your body will welcome the changes from the daily routine.

The break doesn’t have to be of any particular duration. Whatever is best for you. If you are an employee and you feel the need to extend it beyond your lunch hour, apply for time off, such as requesting a few vacation days. If you work for yourself, you have no one to answer to but yourself.

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The Merging of Meetings and Mobility

Meeting with colleagues is a whole lot easier than it used to be because traveling to a venue for the conclave is no longer an issue. Mobile technology makes this possible. You can have colleagues who live across town, across the country or even across seas and all can attend without stepping into your physical office space.

Almost everyone is equipped with cell phones for mobile communication. Meetings can be conducted on cell phones by texting, talking, or accessing email. There are numerous free services which allow attendees to dial into a number where the meeting is taking place. They then dial a special code that directs them to the “meeting room”. After all introductions are made, the meeting chair can begin.

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Is Working from Home Getting Lonely?

The easiest way for me to combat the loneliness of working from home is to pick up the phone and call someone else or to go out of the house for a while and socialize with friends. This is usually enough to combat boredom and isolation. I just need to be careful not to make it a habit that actually eats into my productive time. Like eating, everything, including setting aside free time, should be enjoyed in moderation.

Although they love working from home, some people cannot stand the isolation of working at home alone. Productivity decreases because they are constantly looking for distractions to ease the loneliness. Here are a few solutions to ease that lonely feeling. I personally have always loved to have the television or music playing in the background. The less interested I am in the program, the more my productivity increases. I will turn to a golf tournament, race car driving or any other show I deem mundane. I simply want the “company” of human voices in the house.

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I Just Can’t Work Here Anymore

For many entrepreneurs working from home has provided the ideal set-up. They don’t have to worry about long commutes, rigid schedules and following the boss’s objectives. What they do often face is boredom, distractions and a desire to be among other workers. Saying you will ditch your job because you don’t like your working environment might be a plausible idea. For this reason a lot of home-based professionals are leaving their home office digs for the sanctity of working from spaces outside their homes.

Renting office space in major cities can be an expensive venture, as well as just as isolating. The realization that overhead costs will eat into profits is also not too flattering for most professionals.

Coworking provides a simple solution. Workers, like freelance writers or others working web-based, who don’t require a lot of work files, office equipment and clientele to follow them to their new digs may find the idea of desk sharing to be the perfect arrangement for their needs. Contact DavinciMeetingRooms.com for locations nearest you.

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Reducing Stress While Keeping Your Edge

Stress can undermine success. When you are working at the top of your game, making sure you manage stress can be the secret to a long and healthy business life. While there is a lot of advice out there, and plenty of stress reduction programs, pills and prescriptions, some of the best remedies for reducing stress are ideas you might hear from your mother.

If there is one single, top reason for out of control stress, it probably has to do with not getting enough sleep. Sleep is vital to physical and mental regeneration. How much sleep a person needs differs between individuals, but every person has an optimum amount, usually somewhere between five and nine hours. If you do not get this amount of sleep, you will have a harder time managing stress. So, while it may sound banal, knowing how much sleep you really need, and meeting that need, is one of the first places to look if you are looking to reduce stress in your life.

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Working from Home: Pros versus Cons

Working from home isn’t for everyone, but thanks to improved technology, it is a new possibility for more people than ever before. These pros and cons will help you decide if working at home is right for you.


1. Manage your own schedule: Avoid having to give up all the best concerts and hangouts, just because of an inconvenient work schedule. Work when you want to work, and take back control of your day.

2. No commuting: Some people sit in a car, bus, or subway for an hour or two every day. Spend that time doing something else, like catching up on sleep.

3. Save money: Gas, lunches out, and a professional wardrobe are just some of the expenses you can totally shrink by working from home.

4. Workplace variety: You can work in a home office, at the kitchen table, or at the coffee house down the street. Find a place with wireless Internet access, and you’re set!

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A Simple Solution To A Lack Of Conference Space Problem

If you own a business, it is sometimes necessary to conduct business meetings. If you want your business meeting to be a success, you are going to need the right sized space to fit all who are involved in your meeting. Unfortunately, not all companies have the space needed to conduct a successful business meeting. If you are the owner of a company and you do not have the space needed to conduct a successful business meeting, you might want to consider renting a conference room from Davinci Meeting & Conference Rooms.

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