The New Era of Meeting Rooms

Good-bye office and good-bye traveling for long weary hours. There’s a new way to get your staff up to speed without sitting in an mundane office listening to speakers while the staff is fidgeting to maintain interest. Get the staff out of the office and off the airlines by booking meeting rooms that can accommodate local staff and meet the needs of colleagues across the nation or around the world. We at Davinci Meeting Rooms have facilities in most major cities throughout the U.S. and also in several international locations.

The great thing about having so many meeting rooms is that the reach of our teleconferencing equipment can include all workshop attendees. This makes a tremendous savings in traveling expenses. No airlines, trains, cars, or other gas absorbing vehicles to contend with. No meals or incidental reimbursements to worry about either.

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Benefits of Mobile Work Environments

The explosion of information technology has made it possible for many employers to work from home. With the advent of personal computers, email, texting and teleconferencing, workers have been liberated from corporate America in its former state, experiencing more flexibility than ever before. The most obvious advantage of mobile work environments for companies is the increased productivity that also translates to higher revenue.

One of the biggest ways technology and the Internet has influenced business operations is through recruitment. Most anyone in search of that dream job is online posting a resume on multiple job- and recruitment sites. This makes it much easier to find candidates that really fit the bill for companies. Not only do they no longer waste valuable time, but the usual song and dance to get a handle on prospective employee qualifications has been cut down considerably.

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Staff Mobility Yields Improved Customer Satisfaction

In today’s challenging economy, every business, no matter the size, is looking for new ways to improve the happiness of its customers. It goes without saying that customer satisfaction is the key that unlocks the door to success for any business. More and more companies are figuring this out. Below are some aspects to consider with regard to how mobility can increase the bottom line.

1. Happy campers are more productive. There is no doubt that more content staff generally is more enthusiastic about working. The precursor to customer satisfaction is staff pride. We all know that it is the staff that has the power to make or break any company. One of the best ways to motivate employees is to maintain a forward thinking approach so that each staff member feels appreciated. What better way to do that than with more mobility? The convenience afforded by mobile work environments increases accessibility, while also allowing for more work flexibility.

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Bigger Better Conference Rooms

There is no doubt about it: size matters. Most every business would like to have more space than it has. But the reality is that the cost of office space in large cities is so sky high that it has forced many businesses to relocate.

Smaller spaces can work for some companies when design is used effectively. However, working under those constraints can be annoying. The last thing any company needs is annoyed staff. It’s not exactly conducive to creativity, let alone productivity.

Not to mention, tiny work spaces make it very difficult to expand, particularly when it comes to attracting more business. While today’s businesses adhere to tighter budgets than ever before, what hasn’t changed, however, is the need to collaborate and have effective meetings. It’s hard to do that in a cramped, tiny office, coffee shop, or home office space. It also leaves a less than favorable impression for businesses attempting to get more clients. Unfortunately, the irony is that you need to appear as though you don’t need the business in order to attract more business.

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New Meeting Rooms Inspire Effective Brainstorming

The foundation of creativity plays a very important part in business, as well as art and design. Every company has its own vibe from which the business atmosphere is formed. No matter what the business, mindset is a key factor in motivating participation on any meaningful level.

Just about every business utilizes some form of brainstorming process. Since gathering minds together to toss around ideas is rooted in creativity, care should be taken to develop the best working environments for that purpose.

Location, Location, Location
The real estate business has used the above mantra for what seems like centuries – but the truth is, it works. Anyone who has been in the unfortunate position to have over-invested in properties in regions that have fallen by the wayside has learned the hard way. Just as it is critical to buy property in up and coming places or longstanding communities, office space needs to be designed in the best way possible for the greatest business success.

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Save Moola with Alternative Meetings

In the pre-teleconferencing days of attending a meeting anyplace you could hook up a computer, I knew a fellow who traveled extensively for his career. He once traveled from his home in the Caribbean for a conference in Sweden. Total stay was three days. Total travel time was two days. Talk about jet lag!

He was a junior exec then, with a young family. Years of extensive travel for his company eventually led him to focus on another career so he could devote more time to his rapidly maturing children. He personally bore no financial costs on the trips, but think of the small fortune his attendance at conferences must have cost his company.
The costs he incurred were minimal, true enough, but the sacrifices he made by being away from his family were phenomenal. You work for a better quality of life, to provide for your children but . . . you can never get back the times you missed their school plays, sporting events and overall, growth, in general.

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Increase Employee Productivity with Alternative Meeting Spaces

Is your office cramped, cold, too hot, noisy, or just too familiar to concentrate effectively? Distractions can rob employees of valuable working time, decrease productivity and put work far behind schedule.

Everyone deserves a break and this is especially true for the workforce who often logs in more hours at the office than they put in at home. Workers often complain about not having enough flexible time to take care other things which are important to them. Doesn’t it make sense that their time at work should be as comfortable as possible?

Making an employee’s life more comfortable helps to increase their value to the organization. For this reason, companies need to occasionally accommodate their workers in different working environments.

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Just Say No to Office Meetings

Office meetings can be a real pain, particularly if you are already on a tight deadline and boom, everything has to be put on hold to attend a meeting that may or may not produce any results. Luckily we live in a new age of working and meetings as we know them now may soon be a thing of the past. We will still have them. They are inevitable but they don’t necessarily have to interrupt your work flow to a greater extent.

Think about this idea. It may prove distracting in the end, but if workers could be allowed to meet virtually some of the hate towards dropping everything to attend a face-to-face meeting during a time-crunch might be put to the side. I propose everyone stay at their workstations and attend the meeting while they are pecking away at their work.

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Top Mobile Meeting Rooms

Business is driven by meetings and how successful they ultimately turn out. The success of these meetings depends on the reliability of the attendees to get issues resolved in a timely manner. Sometimes it takes several attempts of going to the drawing board, negotiating, and often working well into the night, to get results.

Lengthy talks remind me of the numerous teacher strikes which recently took place in Illinois. Chicago teachers went on strike one week after fall classes started. It was the first strike in 25 years. Then neighboring Evergreen Park, Illinois followed within two weeks and topped the Chicago number for days off. Other Illinois suburbs began following suit in striking or attempting to avert a strike. These meetings continued for days with hours of meetings each day. Wouldn’t it have been nice if these parties could have met virtually?

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Hotdesk Your Way to Success

Years ago my department moved to newly renovated offices in another section of the building. Everyone staked their claim for the ideal office cubicle, but those who were absent during this exercise had to choose from the leftovers.

People, quite naturally, become very territorial when it comes to their office spaces. After all these are the spaces they will occupy for at least eight hours a day. They decorate then with photos, plants, and other personal touches, which distinguishes their work environment from others and provides a sense of comfort to the workers.

This type of territorial claim is fast becoming a thing of the past now that hotdesking is catching on in many work places. The hotdesking concept was developed in Europe and is catching on fast in the United States as a newer way to work. Employees arrive at the office and settle into any workspace that is available or assigned to them that day. Companies see this as a cost-saving feature that puts loads of cash back into their pockets.

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