What Open Plan COworking Can Do For Your Business

The world is turning to Open Plan COworking … both at the business strategy level, and at the employee-preferred work-way level. COworking is super-popularizing and mainstreaming more and more each day as a work-way because of the many benefits it offers to a business, namely: employers and their staffs relish the elevated spirit and energy — plus the increased teamwork, innovation, motivation and loyalty that a well-planned and implemented COworking work-way yields, through its design and strategy that enables planned, as well as instant and serendipitous, collaboration.

Employers at corporations, plus solo-preneurs, free-lancers and start-ups at CWS, all enjoy the lesser requirement of space, and thus the substantial bottom-line savings, that Open Plan COworking represents. The demand for COworking workplaces and work-ways is skyrocketing, primarily driven by the changing corporate mandate to work even more economically than ever. The digitally-native and nomadically-agile Gen Y workforce, whose world-view and values subtly differ from that of previous generations, thanks to IT-mobility and a greater sense of corporate, social, and environmental responsibility coupled with greater health & wellness-centric lifestyles, have especially taken an interest in the agile, plug-and-go qualities of Open Plan COworking.

The newer work tribes simply love the flexibility of Open Plan COworking and Virtual Officing Touchdown Spacing, which many prefer over traditional cellular and ‘status-indicating’ officing as a trade-off that satisfies their need and desire for work-life balance, and work-anytime/anywhere agility, where they can pretty much design their own work-day, as long as they deliver the required work results.

“COworking” is not just one thing that all agree upon. It represents a myriad of terms and interpretations. Some people consider any workplace, whether it has predominantly open plan or private offices, to be a COworking Space, as long as the workers work collaboratively. Others, many of which are traditional BC Operators, insist that their space which may primarily or totally consist of enclosed offices, with no official encouragement of collaboration, is also automatically a COworking Space anyway, simply because of its layout and design, since workers sharing common areas can’t help but collaborate and COwork to some degree.

Other COworking purists claim that COworking can only exist in Open Plan workspace environments, and that any substantial allotment of enclosed officing pretty much disqualifies it as a COworking Space. And yet others contend that many Open Plan environments claiming to be ‘COworking Spaces’ are anything but, since the workers there put up invisible walls and ‘don’t-interrupt-me’ demeanors when working, which is the antithesis of COworking.

For the purposes and clarity of this post, this is the definition of COworking that is used: COworking is a working community or environment where any combination and distribution of Open Plan workspaces and/or Closed Offices exist, and where co-workers and/or solo-preneuring members are given the opportunity and in some instances, encouraged to collaborate and cooperate to any degree. In other words, in defining COworking herein, the design and layout of the space is not as important as the ability and intention to work collaboratively. COworking is a work-way. A COworking Space is a place where the COworking work-way is practiced, regardless of how much of the space is devoted to Open Plan or enclosed office spaces.

Since collaboration is more readily invited and achieved where there are no walls, and which lends itself to more spontaneous interfacing, then COworking tends to be more associated and synonymous with Open Plan working — but COworking as a work-way can also thrive in enclosed office spaces, and at CO-BC hybrids, as long as the magic of collaboration and a spirit of a COworking, cooperative community exists.  Open Plan COworking, therefore, is the primary and immediately recognizable sub-set of the COworking work-way, bit not he only manifestation of it.

COworking, in a sense, is the physical implementation and practice of social networking in a work setting or conext.

Davinci Meeting Rooms offers several COworking options to help you with your working needs.  Contact us today at 1.877.424.9767 or email us at support@davincimeetingrooms.com.

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Ray Lindenberg

Ray Lindenberg

Ray Lindenberg is President of WANY - The Workspace Association of New York, and IN-Cert - The International Cooperative of A+ Certified Workspaces; and is the Chief Consultant & Innovation Officer at the Winning Workspaces Hospitality Group.