Vancouver Offers Cold Canadian Winters With Warm Business Climate

DMR_week31_3Many people think the entirety of Canada is just plain cold. But I found Vancouver to be the warmest of the Canadian cities. In fact, its climate is mild comparably speaking – and actually classified much like the Marine and Oceanic west coast! Just like Seattle, it does rain a lot. But you can get used to that easily, especially given all the area has to offer.

Vancouver’s gorgeous cityscape includes Edwardian buildings in the old downtown district. They were at one time the tallest in the British Empire. This has made the city a great double for filming stories that take place in urban areas like New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles.

As Canada’s most diversified and largest region, well over 130 different economies garner around $75 billion annually. These trades also help to fuel start-ups and small businesses, many of which depend heavily upon them.

Unfortunately, however, Vancouver is also the least affordable in terms of housing – including homes, rentals, and commercial leasing in Canada. In fact, it hasn’t gotten any better over the last few years. The high price of living and doing business in Vancouver has made it cost prohibitive for many people.

Small businesses face the biggest challenges, since they have virtually no loss leaders — you know, things they can sell at lower or below market prices to help stimulate other sales. So how does a start-up or small business make it in Vancouver?

Say you want to hold a meeting with a classy investor or potential client. But where will you do that when you don’t even have a lease? It’s ironic that you have to spend money to make money, but you do. Maybe it has something to do with the Law of Attraction, if you’re into that sort of thing. But these days, you have to look like you have money before you can make any. That’s why I use meeting rooms – you can get one for just around 20 smackers an hour – and that really is nothing compared to hotel meeting rooms and commercial rent in Vancouver!

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Coco Quillen

Coco Quillen

Coco is the Vice President of Operations at Davinci Meeting Rooms. She manages the strategic development and operational implementation of services for Davinci. She works closely with all teams to ensure customers are well taken care of. Google