Using Pay-Per-Use Meeting Rooms To Work ‘Lean’ And Save Lots Of Money

Making money and profits … saving money …. and working lean – 3 of the key, guiding objectives of today’s businesses; from Fortune 50, multi-national conglomerates, to the solopreneur dreamer. It’s also the driving force behind why Virtual Officing and Remote Working are such a popular, booming work-way alternative these days.

You simply may not need to have a CCO (Centrally Commuted Office) or Headquarters space anymore, as an absolute ‘must’ to legitimize a business and impress clients, and/or to keep an eye on the workers the way a commanding officer traditionally keeps an eye on his troops (traditionally from 9:00 to 5:00 at most companies) to make sure they’re toeing the line, following rules and procedures, and producing results. In fact, CCO-ing and hierarchal vigilance are fast becoming a fading artifact leftover from the standard, disciplined, militaristic model of running a business and supervising employees that businesses routinely mirrored for centuries.

Today, it’s the delivery of bottom-line results that drives new and enlightened (but not all) corporations, as opposed to keeping all in-line with presenteeism requirements. The ticket to an entrepreneur’s, an employee’s, and a company’s success lies in measurable, productive output, and not as much: if the employees got in on time, dressed the part, or made the bosses look and feel good. A ‘good company man (or woman)’ in more and more companies with each passing day, is an employee that delivers and exceeds the job and assignment expectations, and less about whether the employee is well-connected or a boss’s favorite (thank goodness / good riddance!).

That’s where remote working and virtual officing play key roles in this evolving, mainstreaming work model. The CCO, because of the wasted expense of office and meeting space going unused, is not absolute ‘must’ at many large and small companies anymore – which fuels perfectly the leaner and more cost-efficient working models … that the Bean-counters, especially, have learned to love.

However, even in the case of home or field-based workers and solopreneurs, they still have to meet in-person at least occasionally, for those key team-member, client, and sales gatherings where virtual meeting, video and teleconferencing are good, but not optimal or ideal. And for those occasions, in keeping with the more profitable ‘lean’ and ‘savings’ work model and objectives that is all the rage these days, stepping up to the plate are the large array of Pay-Per-Use meeting venues that are available in greater numbers than ever before – and growing.

It just makes good business and common sense: pay for what you use in this world – in this case, meeting room and workspace usage — and pare away those underutilized, and in some instances obsolete assets and processes of a business that drain an organization’s and individual’s income potential. The next step is to find a good referral source that can point you in the direction of a wide inventory of quality, reliable venues to hold those ‘lean’, pay-per-use meetings.

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Ray Lindenberg

Ray Lindenberg

Ray Lindenberg is President of WANY - The Workspace Association of New York, and IN-Cert - The International Cooperative of A+ Certified Workspaces; and is the Chief Consultant & Innovation Officer at the Winning Workspaces Hospitality Group.