Tips for Conducting a Successful Interview

DMR_week56_2We always hear advice about how to impress a potential employer or how to land a job through an awesome interview, but what about the other side? An employer looking for a star pupil needs to know how to sift through the talent, ask the right questions, and present the open position in an attractive light. If you’ve never conducted an interview before, you may feel as much as pressure as if you’re sitting in the hot seat yourself! Follow these simple rules and don’t sweat it when it comes to interviewing a job candidate:

Location, Location, Location

The location could potentially make or break the interview before it has even begun. While you may think meeting up at a bar over a few beers will make you seem like a laidback and cool boss, this isn’t the ideal interviewing location. Similarly, if you work from home, conducting an interview from your kitchen or living room could isolate your interviewee as he or she is forced to interview on your turf while dealing with your pets, mess, or personal distractions.

To avoid any potential awkward, loud, or messy locations, reserve a Davinci Meeting Room for a quiet, neutral, and professional meeting space. Davinci provides a friendly receptionist who will welcome your job candidate as well as a private meeting space where you can interview without any distractions.


Don’t go into the interview blindly without preparing. Jot down your must-ask important questions and draft up some additional inquiries. It’s even a good idea to consider a scorecard of sorts, so you can assess the candidate based on your criteria and rank him or her to your other candidates. Do you have a set of specific qualifications the candidate must meet? Are there any qualities or situations, which will deter you right off the bat? Identify these in advance, so you can make note of them during the interview.

Question, Don’t Interrogate

Start off the interview with some soft questions as a warm up to help make the interviewee feel at ease. Begin asking about where the interviewee grew up or about his or her hobbies. Then segway into open-ended questions relating to the field of work, profession, and position. Also remember to encourage the interviewee to ask you questions as well. It should be a two-way interview of sorts to ensure the position is a good fit for both of you.

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Coco Quillen

Coco Quillen

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