Tips for Being the New Employee

professional-woman-webWhen it comes time to start your new job, you might have just one goal in mind: don’t get fired. Once you’ve settled the nerves and are on your way from the lobby to your new desk, remember a few of these tips for a successful beginning as the new employee of the office.

Dress Like Your Co-Workers (or slightly above)

If you can never figure out the right thing to wear to work, take a cue from your co-workers Copying their style means you’ll always be appropriate and dressed for success. Dressing too far above them could cue jealousy or annoyance, which isn’t going to win you allies in the office. However, there’s nothing wrong with dressing a shade up from their standard ware. If the style of dress is a hoodie and jeans, showing up with jeans and a blazer over a t-shirt is a subtle way of sticking out, without rocking the boat.


No one is falling over themselves to organize meetings or pick up the bagels, but the person who does it is almost always acknowledged. This also means you’ll be noticed by everyone in attendance, including the boss. Look to Davinci meeting rooms if you need an easy way to organize meetings in out of town locations.

Know When to Listen

This has to be one of the hardest pieces of advice to figure out how to follow, but if you can learn this skill it will pay off in the long run. While you probably have some great ideas, you can learn a lot by listening to your co-workers. Understanding the whole picture will help you present your own innovative ideas to upper management.

Keep Your Personal Life at Home

You’ll want to get along with your new co-workers, but until you learn about all of the different personalities in your office you’ll want to stay mum about your personal life. As you get to know people better, be sure to only share information that you wouldn’t mind everyone in your office finding out.

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Coco Quillen

Coco Quillen

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