The Secret Language of Your Handshake

handshake-webIt’s an unspoken rule that handshakes are the true language of the business world. Does your handshake have what it takes to open doors? We’re going to break down the five ways your five fingers can make a first impression. We’ll tell you what to avoid, what to strive for, and what to do when a handshake goes wrong.

The Sweaty Shake

It takes a dry hand to create a cool first impression. A sweaty palm could make you appear nervous and insecure. Are you unsure about what to do if you’re prone to sweating under pressure? You can avoid giving someone a sweaty handshake by avoiding the habit of keeping your fingers cuffed. It’s important to always keep your palms open and relaxed.

The Amateur Shake

Providing a handshake that exudes too much energy or enthusiasm could make you seem like an amateur. It is important to be mindful never to jerk the other person’s hand in the air. Avoid partaking in handshakes that last for more than three pumps.

The Limp Fish

A weak handshake is often viewed as a sign of insecurity and ineptitude. Sometimes we are caught by surprise when our contact initiates a handshake at an odd time. This scenario can often lead to the terrible realization that we’re giving a weak handshake. What can be done when you find yourself in this position? You can attempt to salvage the shake by subtly tensing your fingers in the middle of the handshake. This move will give you a firm finish to a weak start.

The Monster Shake

It is important to avoid a handshake so powerful it crushes the fingers of the person on the receiving end. A handshake that is too aggressive may signify that you’re making a desperate attempt to prove your worth. A tight squeeze could also indicate that you are attempting to bully or dominate the person you’re engaging with. Such an action could sour the tone of your meeting before the conversation even gets going.

The Intimate Shake

It is possible to add shades of intimacy and trust to a handshake. You can let the person you’re engaging with know that you have a special fondness for them by cupping your free hand over the handshake. This move should never be used during a first encounter. Reserve this added level of contact for someone you have a friendly and seasoned relationship with.

The Perfect Shake

A firm handshake is truly a priceless piece of social currency. It is important to begin extending your hand when you are a few feet from the person you intend to engage with. It is important to always maintain eye contact with the person you’re shaking hands with. The amount of firmness you use is very important. You may want to embrace the other person’s hand with the same amount of force you use when lifting a full can of soda. Be sure to only offer two or three pumps before you gracefully retract your hand from the other person’s hand. Success is in your hands.

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Coco Quillen

Coco Quillen

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