The Greatest Places to Work Outside of the Office

If you are like many other entrepreneurs, you are probably used to working remotely. Sometimes you must be creative when brainstorming places to conduct your work, and whatever location you choose, it must meet a certain set of criteria:

  1. It must encourage productivity.
  2. It must be reasonably quiet.
  3. It must have WiFi.

Chances are that, as a mobile professional, you regularly rely on one or more of the most popular locations to work remotely because they meet your criteria and offer a more relaxing workspace than your office:

  1. Coffee Shops

Coffee shops, by nature, are known for being a hub of creativity. It’s no surprise that mobile entrepreneurs consider them to be such great work environments. Not only is it easier to focus when you are removed from office interruptions, the atmosphere of coffee shops is conducive to productivity. Coffeehouse music, generally, is soft and not distracting, and access to endless coffee is enough to keep you focused for hours.

The pros of working remotely from coffee shops are that they always have WiFi, plenty of outlets to stay charged, and an array of interesting people you can consult to get new ideas and a fresh perspective. However, they are not ideal for video conferencing or phone calls.

  1. Coworking Spaces

Working in coworking spaces is very different from working from an office. Working in an open office layout with other busy professionals can inspire more productivity than being confined alone in an office. You get to experience a sense of community and see how a variety of other workers solve problems in their own industries.

Coworking spaces are great because they provide opportunities to network and meet other potential clients as well, giving you another channel through which to grow your business. Additionally, many coworking spaces host social events and seminars so you can learn something new that could improve your business. Yet, the downside is that they aren’t the greatest places to meet with clients.

  1. Libraries

If you seek locations to work outside of the office because you work best in quiet environments, the local library is a good fit. Unlike open offices, which can sometimes be filled with noise and distractions, it is a general rule that everyone in libraries keep quiet. It is an environment that has a tradition of cultivating silence and focus.

With many tables from which to work, available internet connections, and bookshelves full of information at your disposal, they are the greatest place to work when you need to buckle down for intense focus and challenging tasks. But, because of their rule of silence, they are not good places to work if you need to take phone calls.

  1. Outside

The most relaxing and often overlooked place to work outside the office is just that: outside! Working with peaceful scenery and fresh air, so long as you have an internet connection, can keep you calm and motivated, which is recommended if you are overloaded or under a lot of stress.

Whether you go to a park or work from a patio, the fresh air, natural light, and absence of surrounding walls can leave you feeling restored and relaxed so you can stay productive without burning out. Best of all, if you find the right outdoor space, it can have the quiet atmosphere of a library without the rule of silence, so you can feel free to take calls and talk to clients without any of the guilt of being disruptive in a public place.

Unfortunately, sometimes internet connections are not ideal and they aren’t always as quiet as you may prefer.

  1. Meeting Room Rentals

Meeting room rentals are growing in popularity among mobile entrepreneurs simply because it meets all of their meeting space criteria, gives them the freedom to work wherever they want, and provides any kind of space or service they might need.

There are a variety of meeting spaces to rent, including conference rooms, presentation rooms, and day offices, so whatever is on your agenda for the day, there is the perfect space available to meet your needs. Meeting room rentals are also available in thousands of locations, which is perfect for travelling business owners.

So, whether you prefer working in coffee shops, outside, or in coworking spaces, you can also utilize conference room rentals when the need arises so you always have a professional space ready to meet clients.

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Coco Quillen

Coco Quillen

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