Taipei: The Heart of an Asian Tiger

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Conferences don’t have to be dull and soulless. Choosing a riveting place to host an international conference is one way to jolt investors and partners and see firsthand how your product is being traded in the world. This is what makes Taipei one of the most dynamic cities to host your next international meeting. The Pacific nation of Taiwan holds a prominent place in the world’s technology and manufacturing industries. With the signing of mutual economic treaties, this industrial powerhouse also serves as a gateway to mainland China. More importantly, despite the Asian financial crisis, the nation’s economy continues to thrive.

Situated on the northern tip, Taipei City is the capital of this teardrop-shaped island nation. A thriving port, this global city is the political, economic, and cultural epicenter of Taiwan. The area around the city contains many of the country’s most important textile, electronics, and precision equipment manufacturing facilities. Several international organizations are headquartered in the Taipei area, due to its wealth of resources and trade access. Hosting a conference in this city provides your employees and business partners insight into the trade process, and gives a textile experience to remember as you go into new trade negotiations.

If your organization does not have permanent facilities in Taipei to host your next conference, consider the value of Davinci meeting rooms. You can rent out state-of-the-art facilities, like training rooms, conference rooms, and large meeting spaces as you need them. You will also have access to everything you need to conduct a successful meeting, so your associates go home confident in your business.

Taipei is on the cutting edge of connecting new ideas with tried and true industries. Be in the action, and see for yourself why this international city is the gateway to your own company’s future.

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Coco Quillen

Coco Quillen

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