The Supreme Benefits Of On-Demand Meeting Access For Entrepreneurs and Business Pros

OK … so many of us are now into an agile & mobile, work anytime/anywhere, work-life balancing way of living. Got it. And, since we’re no longer Headquarter or CCR (Centrally Commuted Office) centric, we also have found all kinds of cost-effective, clever ways to satisfy our spontaneous workspace needs … thanks in great part to the  growth and popularity of Virtual Office Plans. But what about when you need a Meeting Room — from a reliable, basic space to sit with a few people face-to-face, to maybe a locale that can accommodate hundreds of people with all the accoutrements and IT & AV gadgetry, plus catering, copying and other services that you need?

Welcome to the age of On-Demand, a la carte Meeting & Conference space options, all available to you with the same ease and reliability that we’ve come to expect from Virtual Office Plan and Space providers. In fact, the pros that bring you top-notch Virtual Office and Touchdown Space solutions are the same efficient people that can best help you with your on-demand, planned and spontaneous meeting and conference room needs — in most instances practically anywhere on the Third Rock From The Sun.

In today’s brave new world of thrifty and agile working, everyone has a chance, especially the solo-preneur, to work like a big company, while keeping its finances in check — and this goes equally for meeting spaces, as well as desk or office space needs. Chalk one up for the little guy (the one that has committed to pursuing his or her dream business).  Why bite off more than you can chew when you have a variety of space and meeting solutions that cost a fraction of what a leased, full-time dedicated office runs you — and you pay as you go only for the time that suits your actual, specific needs.

In our increasingly nomadic, versatile workspace and work-way world, it’s comforting to know that there are good sources available to help you find the right type of space, at the right size, location and budget, including small-to-large meeting spaces. You don’t need to be big, or spend lots of money, to enjoy the advantages of a large company these days when it comes to meeting spaces. Hallelujah!

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Ray Lindenberg

Ray Lindenberg

Ray Lindenberg is President of WANY - The Workspace Association of New York, and IN-Cert - The International Cooperative of A+ Certified Workspaces; and is the Chief Consultant & Innovation Officer at the Winning Workspaces Hospitality Group.