Solo Law Firms: Increase the Bottom Line with a Conference Room Rental

Solo Law Firms: Increase the Bottom Line with a Conference Room Rental | Davinci Meeting Rooms

As a small law firm, it is important to cut costs where you can, but you don’t want to sacrifice your professional image. The goal is to increase the bottom line by making smart business decisions. Solo attorneys and large firms alike are finding that they can find immediate savings simply by utilizing conference room rental services instead of leasing office space. These rooms can be used as an extension of your office for everything from depositions, preparation of litigations, and other meeting and events.

While your firm is saving money, there are many services available through conference room rentals that may not otherwise be an option with a lease. The benefits are endless, and the result is always the same: professional appearance, quality service, and reduced spending.

Lower costs

Your small firm can save thousands of dollars just by renting conference rooms for only the specific amount of time you need it. Avoiding a monthly office space lease is just one of the many ways renting a conference room can reduce cost. It has unexpected benefits by providing essential services, resulting in reduced spending on equipment. Your firm can get rid of extra expenditures by renting a fully equipped room with high-speed Internet, audio and visual presentation tools at the ready, video conferencing, and other features such as copy and printing, transcription, and secretarial services.

More professional image 

You want your clients to feel like they are working with a professional that will take care of them, and even the smallest details can boost their confidence in your work. Conference room rentals often include such details as a lobby greeter that can welcome them and offer assistance, a professional setting in a meeting venue within only the most professional business centers, concierge, and even catering. By offering these services to important clients, you can offer more than large firms and gain your client’s trust and loyalty. Proceed with your meeting in a facility featuring the latest technology and make a lasting impression on your clients.

Meeting space wherever and whenever you need it

You can find conference rooms for rent wherever and whenever you need it. Popular business meeting rooms are available in all major cities—even internationally. You can easily meet with any client, anywhere, anytime, even as a solo law firm. At half the cost of hotel meeting rooms, you increase the bottom line by making yourself more accessible to both current and prospective clients while simultaneously cutting costs.

Booking a conference room is simple and convenient. With apps, mobile sites, and reservations over the phone available, you can quickly reserve a room in the location of your choice, even when you are away from the office. Whether you are on your smart phone or tablet, you can book a room and choose all the features you need. Let the conference room rental provider handle the details so you can focus on preparing for your meeting. Later, you will enter a prepared room so you can seamlessly conduct business without wasting time.

Add-on business services have a lot to offer without increasing spending. Utilizing these services, like meeting space reservation platforms, can help you stay organized and increase profit by encouraging clients to choose your firm over the competition. By offering a more personal experience with all the features included with your conference room rental, you reveal your firm’s true dedication to professionalism. Your firm can impress clients and strengthen business relationships with convenience and low cost.

Increase the bottom line with a conference room rental from Davinci Meeting Rooms today.

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