Radical Innovation and Collaboration

DMR_week38_3Sometimes the brain processes are moving a little slow and trying to come up with ideas that grab the attention of workers is a little difficult. What can you do, what do you say that will keep them all motivated to work? Instead of instructing staff to work alone on projects, as they normally would, management could try working alongside them on a special project to increase productivity.

Put together teams of people who generally don’t work together on a regular basis and inform everyone that their teams will be responsible for coming up with projects related to a topic on hand. There won’t be many hard and fast rules but they all must be the result of innovative collaboration and they must report regularly to management who gives points for each interaction completed for management.

They may think the plan is a bit radical and they would not be wrong. If you are a marketing company, an example of unique collaboration would be to case study a company in the news that has had unique crisis management concerns. Ask them to outline steps for the company to move forward from it. However, they cannot say what the company should have done since it already had occurred. They need to develop a plan for the company to implement if it were to run into another crisis management conflict.

When the team is done and each has completed their project, congratulate them on a job well done. Bring them all together during a convention at corporate headquarters, marked with special events and culminating in an awards banquet. Let them know how proud management is of the collaborative effort they all made and at the very end inform everyone what the real purpose of the meeting was.

The idea was not so much a matter of devising a plan for their case study company. They are marketing professionals, after all. They already know or should know how to put together a marketing plan together, based on their areas of expertise.

The real purpose was to see how well they all worked as a team and for the common good of the team. It was an exercise to determine how far they would carry faltering team members to make the team look good. Then let them know that this was a radical innovation and collaboration exercise.

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Coco Quillen

Coco Quillen

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