Presenting On The Road: Three Tips To Present Like Steve Jobs

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Delivering killer presentations to prospective clients is important to expanding your business, but they can be tricky—especially if you’re presenting in a different state or country. When you’re on the road, it’s crucial to understand regional cultural differences, be familiar with the technology you’ll be using and work around jet lag so you appear fresh. Here are three key elements that will help make your presentation great.

Planning And Prepping

Apple co-founder Steve Jobs possessed a legendary ability to capture an audience’s attention. It wasn’t by chance that his presentations were so successful—it was the hours and hours of work he put into making them perfect. Brainstorming, white boarding, sketching, honing his script and practicing over and over again were all part of his prep work. When he finally took the stage and uttered his first carefully chosen word, he was confident he’d kill it—and he did. This attention to detail can pay off for you, too. While planning your presentation, remember another tool that Jobs used effectively: the “ten minute” rule. Make sure you do or say something especially captivating every ten minutes to keep your audience engaged. Even the best presenters must work to hold their audience’s focus.

Finding The Right Conference Space

Making a great impression can be difficult if you don’t have the right conference space. Shouting over the coffee machine at Starbucks as people shuffle in and out the door might pose a few challenges. Davinci Meeting and Conference Rooms was designed to give business owners the ability to rent a cost-effective space in hundreds of locations around the globe. That way you make a strong impression while delivering the best presentation possible. All of our conference room rental locations provide a variety of professional business services to assist you, including copying and color printing, secretarial services, faxing, notary and transcription services, mailing, shipping, office supplies and more. And, to make the best impression from the moment the client arrives, a lobby receptionist is available to greet and direct them.

Access To Technology

Technology and visuals were also key to Steve Jobs’ delivery. His comments were carefully synchronized to slides that appeared behind him as he paced the stage. He introduced the iPod in 2001 with a memorable phrase — “it’s a thousand songs in your pocket” – but then slipped the device into his pocket to demonstrate his point. If you can, show something instead of talking about it. Most people absorb 80 percent of what they learn visually. So take advantage of what today’s technology has to offer. TheDavinci Meeting Room setups come fully equipped with the most up-to-date technologies like high-speed internet, smart boards, LCD projectors, plasma screens, HD video conferencing systems and collaboration tools.

Making Your Mark

We can’t all be Steve Jobs. But with the right preparation and technology, you can deliver a great presentation on the road. By using these tips and learning to handle the unexpected on your journeys, you’ll be killing it every time—and growing your business while you’re at it. Learn more about how you can effectively present on the road with the help of Davinci Meeting Rooms today.

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Coco Quillen

Coco Quillen

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