On the Verge in Hong Kong

DMR_week62_1You’re in Hong Kong, a hip entrepreneur on the verge of big things. You want to take the world by storm, but you’re limited by your financial assets. You might have the perfect product or service, but you still need a way to make global connections. With Davinci meeting rooms, you can make worldwide contacts without an economic burden on your business. Add a touch of class to your company to set the right impression for investors – regardless of how cash-strapped you are.

Need to Meet in Hong Kong? No Sweat!

Hong Kong is recognized as a thriving location in the business world. It’s a place where business owners gather together from around the world to discuss trade and production. Whether you are in Hong Kong to stay or simply need a temporary space for important business gatherings, you’ll find that Davinci meeting rooms fulfill all of your needs. You’ll be provided with a first rate facility, as well as a greeter at the door—all which give you the polished appearance of a firmly established business.

Flexibility is the name of the game as you determine the amount of time you need for your Davinci meeting room in Hong Kong. You can hold a session for a day, plan several meetings for a week, or obtain your meeting room for a training session which could last for a couple of months. Regardless of the time frame, your gathering place will have a professional appearance. Your Davinci meeting room will also be fully equipped with the office supplies and equipment necessary for your meetings. When all is said and done, you’ll walk away without the burden of a costly lease and fully prepared to take on Hong Kong’s business culture.

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Coco Quillen

Coco Quillen

Coco is the Vice President of Operations at Davinci Meeting Rooms. She manages the strategic development and operational implementation of services for Davinci. She works closely with all teams to ensure customers are well taken care of. Google