Never Settle

DMR_week46_2Some people settle for less than the best because they think they can’t do any better. They feel that opportunity will never come knocking at their door again. That is simply not the case. Sometimes the opportunity we had hoped for does not come along right away, but it does not mean you should give up hope – or worse – give up dreaming about it.

The most important thing to do is to be prepared. Sometimes something better comes along than the original plan. Then you would be very happy you waited and continued to prepare and that you decided you would never settle.
Whether you are preparing for work, a relationship, or a competition, it is always best to work on yourself to achieve the highest standard you can with yourself in mind. Continue to stay motivated. Self-motivation is sometimes hard, especially when you decide to share your ambitions with someone else. Sometimes out of loving concern and sometimes out of jealously our confidantes can make us feel that our ambition is out in left field and we become deflated.
Be careful who you share your inner most thoughts with. Always know you are your own best cheerleader and what others think should be less important than how highly you value yourself.
Motivation will keep you focused on your ambition. If you want to score higher than your personal best in sports, win the promotion or have your eye on a particular suitor, always go in with your dignity intact.

Staying focused and driven will demonstrate how serious you are about your work ethic. You will become respected for your stance on issues because in your motivating force, you have researched and studied and have the facts to back you up.
No one will even have to agree with you, but they will respect your position because you did everything with the integrity that has been ingrained within you.


There are many leaders whom people don’t particularly like, but they have a charisma which attracts people. When you read their biography, you understand how their persona was shaped. Most successful people have drawn from within themselves, have confidence in what they want to achieve. They decided long ago they would never settle.

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Coco Quillen

Coco Quillen

Coco is the Vice President of Operations at Davinci Meeting Rooms. She manages the strategic development and operational implementation of services for Davinci. She works closely with all teams to ensure customers are well taken care of. Google