Miami – North America’s Business Gateway to Latin America

DMR_week43_1Miami, Florida is considered one of the most influential cities in North America. Located at the most southern tip of the United States, Miami is a financial and cultural gateway to Latin America. Its proximity to the South and Central America and the Caribbean makes it a popular business and tourist destination to those regions.

Much like the Caribbean, Miami is a tropical city surrounded by lush coconut trees and many of the other fruits indigenous to their locales. Every year millions of people visit Miami to enjoy its year round temperate climate and numerous events. Some visitors even decide to put down permanent roots. Besides those who arrive from across the U.S. to Miami, many of them emigrate from the nearby ports as well as from countries further away.

From college students to the self-employed to executives, Miami attracts people in search of opportunity. Its linguistic bond to Latin America makes it a defining choice for multi-national companies to make Miami their business headquarters. Among those multinational companies calling Miami home are American Airlines, FedEx, Disney, and Visa International.
It’s attraction as a city with beautiful beaches, pristine waters, and warm climate often serves as the backdrop for television shows and hit movies. Anyone thinking of moving to Miami to live and work is definitely putting himself in an enviable position. When daydreaming about Miami, people might picture themselves basking in the fun and sun all day, every day.


For most, this isn’t possible because they still have to earn a living. However, depending on the profession they might be able to do it from the beach. For some, visiting Miami is purely a business trip and that’s okay, too. At some point you may get to drive along the scenic routes and meetings may not last so long that you can’t take advantage of the multi-cultural aspects of the city.
If you are traveling on business and need a place to work other than your hotel room, there are numerous meeting rooms to put you in the work frame of mind. Some people prefer co-working day-to-day so they can take advantage of the hub around them.
No matter what work situation you choose, any would offer fantastic opportunities to grasp the culture of Miami. There will always be diverse groups in attendance. Diversity of professionals, cultural backgrounds, and even diverse work styles is what makes working and living in Miami a truly wonderful experience.

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Coco Quillen

Coco Quillen

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