Meeting Space Rental: The Top 7 Questions You Should Ask

When it comes to meeting space rental, you can never ask too many questions. Take the time to consider all your needs. Understand any special requirements your attendees may have. And be sure to ask the seven questions below, along with any others you can think of.

  1. Do you provide audio-visual equipment?

Most successful meetings these days demand visual props in the form of PowerPoint presentations, clever videos or imagery displayed on a large screen to help attendees catch the vision. Your meeting could be a disaster if you’re expecting your meeting space to have these elements and you show up to discover there’s just a white board, and a small one at that. Always ask specifically about the audio-visual equipment that’s on site—and the cost. You don’t need sticker shock when you get there. You need to know what you are waking into and what it the price tag is to hold your successful meeting.

  1. Is there a Wi-Fi code?

You may need Wi-Fi for any number of reasons, and your attendees are almost sure to ask you for a Wi-Fi code. Rather than scrambling around minutes before the meeting or having interruptions during the meeting, find out in advance if there is Wi-Fi on-site, if it’s free, and what the code is.

  1. Are there enough electric jacks and power strips to accommodate your meeting attendees?

We live in a battery-operated world. While some people travel with rechargeable battery sticks, most will rely on power. Ask your meeting rooms provider to put in place adequate power strips to meet the needs of your guests. If they can’t or won’t, bring your own. Having your laptop or tablet computer run out of juice in the middle of an important meeting can be frustrating for the guest taking notes. There’s also your own juice to consider.

  1. How many chairs are in the space?

It’s one thing to ask how many people can fit in the meeting space you are renting. It’s another thing to ask how many chairs are in the space. You want to be sure your meeting room attendees are comfortable—and that there is enough room for any audio-visual equipment you need to display in addition to the guests. Ask how many chairs and how many people can fit given your AV schemes. These could be two different answers.

  1. Are there parking issues on-site?

Some meeting rooms are hard to get to, giving guests a parking headache and possibly making them late for the meeting.

  1. Can you come into the meeting space early to set up?

What are the parameters before and after the meeting? Get the exact hours of access.

  1. Can the meeting rooms providers set up coffee and/or can you bring in refreshments?

What is the policy and cost on these items? For short meetings, it may not be an issue. But for half day or all-day marathons, these are real considerations.

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Jennifer LeClaire

Jennifer LeClaire

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