Hong Kong’s Business Attitude Helps Entrepreneurs

DMR_week37_3Hong Kong is world renowned as a unique business city. Strategically located right in the heart of Asia – it also has a vibrant entrepreneurial business attitude. This might be surprising to some, given its history as a colony of Britain.

The almost 7 million residents help Hong Kong enjoy a thriving economy with a stable business environment. Therefore, small businesses and entrepreneurs are able to attract those all-important investors.


Hong Kong’s vast expatriate community boasts over 350,000 people and attracts 29 million annual tourists. This makes for a culturally diverse and flexible population present throughout the entire year.


Since two thirds of the world wide middle class is expected to be from Asia, entrepreneurs from all over the world over are taking interest in the region. Hong Kong is in the heart of Asia and is usually a first choice of business start-ups. Hong Kong is also just four hours from every key Asian market. That way, you can cover every region for the most exposure.

Business Economy

The overall business culture of Hong Kong is exceedingly competitive. Because of this, new businesses need to always bring their A game. That means perception is everything – even more so here. Anyone thinking they’re going to bust into Hong Kong and court a client or investor at a coffee house is sadly mistaken. Remember, this place got its roots from the British Colony!


Before anyone gets their undies in a bunch about immigration, they’ve got that covered, too. Their policies are structured to attract international firms and ventures and to court talented entrepreneurs and other professionals.

Paradoxically, while Hong Kong is an extremely cheap place to do business, it is an exceedingly expensive place to reside. Because of that, it can make it a veritable Catch-22 for entrepreneurs to set up shop and do business there. However, one way to save on costs is to use outside meeting rooms. They start at around $40 an hour and are great for impressing new clients and investors. They will even order in lunch for you!

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Coco Quillen

Coco Quillen

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