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DMR_week42_2Job seekers ought to treat interviews like a professional business meeting they would conduct or attend on their regular jobs. When you meet a prospective employer know they are seeking information that will benefit their company. They want to know if you will be suitable for their company. Therefore, you must package yourself in a favorable light.
You don’ know what he will ask specifically, but you do have a general idea what employers will want to know about your background. This information includes:
• How you contributed to the success of your last employer
• How you plan to use your experience to benefit their company
• What you hope to gain
• Where you see yourself in five years down the road

Practicing your responses will make your presentation perfect. Outline an agenda with bullet points and commit it to memory. If you’re a marketing professional this task should be right up to your level of expertise.

Invent a brand image ad and have it be a story to tell about your achievements. Don’t over exaggerate or lie about anything. However, making your presentation more colorful can give you an edge over the competition.

After you have practiced your presentation to perfection, research the company and research the industry for which you are applying. The Internet is at your disposal so there should not be a frantic search regarding the company. Doing your research shows you care about the company you may one day work for. Knowing enough about it will make it easier to convince a potential employer that you are qualified to become a part of their company’s culture.

You always want to start your meetings on time and whenever someone is unfamiliar with a place they will either call ahead to the company to get directions or use one of the popular online mapping websites for assistance. Plan your job interview the same way. Even if it takes a test run to get there, it is better to practice the route ahead of time. Arriving 15 minutes earlier never hurt anyone. Punctuality also demonstrates your seriousness about getting the position.

This should go without saying but still bears repeating. Dress professionally for the position and your grooming should be impeccable.
Prior to concluding your meeting, take the opportunity to answer additional questions as well as ask any. Always look your interviewer in the eyes but don’t stare. Answer difficult questions as well as you can. The interviewer is gauging your responses to see how you would conduct yourself in various situations. Therefore, also be cognizant of your body language.

When leaving the meeting, smile and conclude with a line that reiterates your interest in the company. Thank them for their time and conclude with a firm handshake.

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Coco Quillen

Coco Quillen

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