Four Tips for Successful Virtual Meetings

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As technology pushes us further into a virtual world, we find that our ways of doing business continually evolve. Meeting virtually and doing business long-distance is becoming more and more convenient. As we quickly enter this movement of virtual meetings and Web conferencing, there are a few tips that can help keep things moving successfully with virtualization.

  1. Coordinate a time to meet in person with a meeting room rental

    Unfortunately, virtual meetings take away from the in-person cues that help establish trusting, communicative relationships. In virtual meetings, there just isn’t the opportunity for the hallway and break-time relationship building. And there is nothing like meeting over a meal when it comes to unifying a group in purpose and productivity. Often, meeting in person just is not practical considering travel costs. Still, leaders and other team members should make an effort to travel and interact face-to-face because the value of such meetings is irreplaceable.

    With the Davinci meeting room booking system, you can quickly, easily, and economically find a meeting room rental option to facilitate such a meeting. A Davinci meeting room setup makes it possible for you to maintain a professional relationship in a fully-equipped business environment to enable productive, face-to-face meetings. You will have access to all of the technological amenities and services you might need to run a successful meeting, such as LCD projectors, HD audio/video conferencing systems, copying, printing, faxing, and even catering and beverage services. And with over 4,000 meeting room rentals to choose from, you’re sure to find a space that fits your needs (both in the U.S. and abroad).

  2. Leverage virtual meeting room technologies

    Though all participants in a virtual meeting are connected through voice, don’t forget the importance of a shared visual focus. There is virtual meeting conferencing software available so all attendees can follow along with a meeting visually and even share note-taking on tools like virtual whiteboards.

    Some of these software options include WebEx, Microsoft’s LiveMeeting, and GoToMeeting. This allows everyone to view presentation slides and also visually follow along with brainstorming and planning. Such tools help meeting participants avoid misunderstanding.

  3. Make time for relationships

    A different level of productivity is achieved when a team is bonded. Though it feels unproductive to plan for small talk or social events with those you work with, it is so important. Cohesion skyrockets to a whole new level when a team has a relationship beyond a project.

    If there isn’t a way to facilitate in-person gatherings and socializing, plan time in your virtual meetings to get to know one another. For example, with a group meeting, think of a question that each person can answer to help with this relationship building.

  4. Meeting preparation

    All too often, we spend our meeting time reviewing notes, giving status reports, etc. In reality, these items can be just as easily handled before the meeting by sending documents and reports to those involved.

    Save the valuable meeting time for items that can’t be as easily accomplished via email. These items should include key meeting goals such as brainstorming and decision-making; such items are much harder to collaborate on through email. This will allow for everyone’s concerns and ideas to be resolved and heard. Resolutions to project issues might otherwise take weeks to come to through an email string—while reviewing status reports and other factual information through email is quick and effective.

Make your next virtual meeting successful with a meeting room rental from Davinci Meeting Rooms today.


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Coco Quillen

Coco Quillen

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