Four Smart and Simple Ways to Welcome a New Employee

coffee-webA smart, qualified, and optimistic individual is reporting to your office tomorrow. You want to let them know they made the right decision by choosing to work for you. How you welcome a new employee could set the tone for a very long career. Here are four simple ways to get a new employee off on the right foot with your organization:

Coffee and Bagels

A new employee has a lot of introductions to make on their first day. You can get curiosity out of the way by hosting a brief breakfast introduction for your department. A formal introduction will prevent an employee from being interrupted for introductions throughout a critical first day of training and orientation.

Assign a Liaison

A new employee is bound to have a ton of questions on their first day. They may feel shy about constantly asking their superior or human resources contact for help. Consider assigning a liaison to help a new employee get acquainted with a new office. The liaison can show the new employee around the office to find printers, mail areas, restrooms, conference rooms, vending machines, and other key locations. The new employee will be able to turn to the liaison for quick and simple answers to logistical and procedural questions. Be sure to give the liaison an incentive for lending their support. An incentive can be a gift certificate for a free lunch or a few additional vacation hours.

Have a Work Station Prepared

Nothing is as frustrating as walking into a brand new office and feeling like you don’t have a place to call your own. It is important to make sure that a new employee’s work station is set up before they report to the office. This includes access to email and a working telephone extension. Set up a time for your new employee to meet with someone from the IT department to go over their new computer and office equipment.

Schedule a Conference Call

Not every employee reports to a physical office. Employees who work from a home office or remote location need to feel included in office life. Be sure to schedule an introductory conference call on a new employee’s first day. A video conference will give a new employee a chance to make eye contact with the members of their department. You can give your new employee access to a rented meeting room for their first few days on the job. A professional space will give the employee a chance to utilize conferencing technology for training sessions and important initial meetings.

A first day at work could be the start of something amazing. Davinci has professional office spaces you can utilize to give a remote member of your team a strong start. We believe that quiet spaces and clear technology are the secrets to growing amazing companies.

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Coco Quillen

Coco Quillen

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