Different Meeting Spaces Offer Different Business Perspectives

Just as an office environment usually reflects the business philosophy, a meeting space has its own vibe. A board meeting needs a more serious tone than a potluck. What both have in common is they include business employees – just for different purposes.

Ever since I can remember, there has never been enough space at any company I’ve ever worked for. In fact, at one law firm – it was a constant problem. I wish I had been able to book meeting rooms back then. Not only could I have had a lot less stress, but that screaming match between two partners could have been avoided. Ah, fond memories.

Entrepreneurs find themselves in a different quandary when it comes to space. Many of them work out of their homes or very small offices. That means there is no really good place to hold a meeting – whether for staff or clients.

I use meeting rooms for everything under the sun. When I’ve courted clients, I have nice luncheons. I like that I can book them for one to a few hours if needed. It also helps to keep you on schedule! I’ve also booked them to conduct interviews. I get all my paperwork together in one place and it makes the whole process less tedious. It’s a great way to knock ‘em all out in a few hours, rather than spread them out across the day.

Once I have my new hires, then I use meeting rooms to train them. That comes in really handy so that we don’t have constant interruptions. Sometimes we have seminars in meeting rooms – which is a great idea for business development. The best thing about this is that you can customize the room with whatever training materials you need – such as sophisticated technical attributes like electronic white boards.

Where these meeting rooms really come in handy is for client and customer gatherings. We have had everything from receptions to banquets – at far less expense than paying the hefty fees at a fancy restaurant. We had it catered – and we really liked the privacy factor, too.

There are so many uses for meeting rooms it could make your head spin. The next time you have to find space for any reason – rather than have your head spin, call for a meeting room and book em, Danno!

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Coco Quillen

Coco Quillen

Coco is the Vice President of Operations at Davinci Meeting Rooms. She manages the strategic development and operational implementation of services for Davinci. She works closely with all teams to ensure customers are well taken care of. Google