Davinci 101: Additional Services for Meeting Room Bookings

Whenever you meet with a current or prospective client, the core message you have to deliver is always the most important part of the meeting. When it’s time to deliver that message, you want your meeting attendees to be focused on what you have to say, and not to be distracted by unnecessary details. Or sometimes it’s the lack of details that are cause for distraction, and there’s where Davinci Meeting Rooms ensures that your meeting will have everything it needs to keep your clients focused.

When booking a meeting room, try to anticipate as many variables as possible and account for them in a way that will keep your clients focused on you and your message. Over the years, we’ve compiled a range of additional services that go beyond the initial booking to give you every tool you need to hold a successful meeting. Below are some of our more popular services.

Presentation Tools

We provide access to on-site meeting presentation tools to help you execute your meeting in the most professional manner possible. Smart boards, projectors, high definition displays, and more are all available so you can pack light without sacrificing convenience. We make sure that you always have the right cable, connector, or software needed as well, so your clients aren’t left waiting for you to figure out how to get the presentation rolling.

Audio/Video Conferencing

Conference phones, HD video conferencing, and collaboration tools are also available through Davinci Meeting Rooms as well. Our conferencing services make getting into a call and communicating with your clients a breeze, no matter where they are. Few things are more distracting for meeting attendees than dealing with difficult to use video or phone conference platforms, so we’ve developed the best in class solutions to simplify your experience.

Business Services

On-site business services, such as copying, printing, shipping, faxing, notary, and much more are available for you or your clients to use. Your clients are able to focus more fully on your core message when they’re not concerned about simple to-do style tasks that the meeting might create. Feel free to leverage these business services to make the client’s overall experience smoother and easier.


If you’re going to have a longer meeting or overlap a meal time, having some food and refreshments available for your clients is an excellent idea. Hungry clients have a hard time focusing, and they’ll appreciate the extra mile you take to make them comfortable during the meeting.

There are lots of other additional services that are available to use. If you are having a meeting soon and you can think of anything that would make it go smoother, feel free to contact us and see how we can help. We know that your core message will come across clearer and have a bigger impact if your guests are comfortable, happy, and focused. You can reach our Meeting Room Planners at 1.877.424.9767.

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Kris Duckworth

Mary Castleton has worked at Davinci Virtual since 2011. She works with the digital marketing team as the IT Project Manager. Mary manages the communications between vendors and staff to ensure marketing and digital projects are completed on time and to scope.