Business Resources: Get location-centric business tools with meeting rooms and day office rentals

Business Resources: Get location-centric business tools with meeting rooms and day office rentals | Davinci Virtual

Businesses are becoming leaner in order to stay competitive—some consisting only of one or two employees. Although this is a growing trend, these business owners don’t always want to let on that they’re a one-person shop. Every entrepreneur wants to be perceived as professional and credible, and in order to do so, they need the technology, support, and image that larger firms and corporations can afford. That’s where booking meeting room rentals can be a great advantage. Booking a meeting room makes you look prestigious and gives you all the capabilities of a big business without breaking your budget. There are five business resources that you can take advantage of when booking meeting rooms and office spaces.

1. High Tech Presentation Tools Without Upfront investment

Your business is your livelihood, and having anything less than top-notch presentation tools when it comes to selling your product or service simply won’t do. However, it’s likely that if you’re a one-person shop, you don’t have the ability to invest that much upfront. That’s why a day office rental is a great idea. Office rentals offer all the high tech presentation tools you need from projectors and high-speed Wi-Fi to video conferencing capabilities, so your company looks successful without the outrageous cost. And the truth is, you likely won’t need these tools on a daily basis, so there’s no reason to spend money on equipment you might use a few times throughout the year.

2. Professional Business Address

Imagine going to meet with a business and finding out that it’s in an obscure location in the suburbs. What’s your first reaction? It’s likely that you’ll have some doubts about them right away. A professional business address creates instant credibility. Many prospects have reservations and are skeptical when it comes to trusting a new company or business. Clients and prospects alike want to be reassured that they’re investing in the right firm. You can easily and inexpensively create that level of trust with a day office rental that includes a professional business address. Office rooms give you everything you need to make that lasting impression—minus the price tag.

3. Lobby Directory Listing

Is your business based out of your home? If so, you might find it challenging to hold conferences and meetings with prospects and clients. Luckily, there’s a simple solution. You can easily add that professional feel to your business with a conference room rental. When you book a meeting room with Davinci Virtual and you’re also using our virtual address services, your business is given a place on the lobby directory listing—a small touch that can have a big impact. This will make a great first impression with prospects and clients because your business will look professional and successful. Often times in business, the first impression makes all the difference when it comes to turning prospects into loyal customers.

4. Lobby Greeter

Having a lobby greeter might seem like an afterthought to most people, but it can go a long way when it comes to accommodating your prospects and clients.  It’s always a bit nerve-racking when arriving to a new location, and it’s nice to have someone that can help direct you to the right place. After all, you wouldn’t want your clients and prospects wandering around aimlessly throughout the building trying to find you.

5. Only Pay When You Use It

It’s no secret that the most coveted business locations come at a high cost. Leaving most do-it-yourself business owners feeling limited when it comes to choices. Leasing a central, downtown location for a couple of meetings here and there is not a feasible solution. This is where conference room rentals can be a great business resource. Office rentals often come with their own professional business address, so your firm looks top of the line.

In today’s technology driven world there are hundreds of business tools you can utilize to compete against top companies, without the overhead costs. It’s only a matter of knowing where to look to find the business resources that you need to thrive. Find out how Davinci meeting room and day office rentals can work for your business today.


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Coco Quillen

Coco Quillen

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