7 Ways to Land a Sale with Presentation Technology

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Business owners of all kinds recognize the power of presentation technology, but the right technology can be difficult to come by. Even when the stakes are high and competition is fierce, it shouldn’t discourage entrepreneurs from seeking the best presentation technology available.

There are seven ways that the right presentation technology can help you gain a competitive edge and increase the likelihood of landing a sale, not just after that meeting, but after the many meetings sure to follow.

  1. Impressing your client

    With a clean and organized meeting room stocked with next generation technology, your client will take notice of your professionalism immediately. Making a strong first impression on important clients is important, and having equally impressive technology to match is an easy way to invoke a positive reaction.

  2. Enabling collaboration

    Presentation technology that enables collaboration helps build rapport with your client. This is especially important if you are meeting remotely. Make use of the cloud and collaborative web-based documents that are mobile friendly to create an environment in which you and your client can seamlessly work together on tracking ideas and action items, reviewing existing projects, and more, all in real time and on any device, anywhere in the world.

  3. Hold your client’s attention

    Advanced presentation technology can do wonders for holding your client’s attention. How many times have you been stuck in a meeting led by bare and basic PowerPoint slides? It’s a scenario with which we are too familiar, and not one that is likely to lead to a quick sale. Find exciting alternatives to PowerPoint to make a pitch or present information that will captivate your audience.

  4. Increase the likelihood of purchase

    Research shows that using high end technology in sales presentations significantly increases the likelihood of making a sale in addition to creating a shorter sales cycle. Investing in conference room technology solutions has a very high chance of increased ROI, which is sure to grab the attention of any business-savvy prospect.

  5.  Open opportunities to upsell

    By impressing your client while capturing their attention and interest with your high tech meeting space, you create a unique opportunity to upsell, either by increased purchase amount, higher investments, or the client returning for more of your business’s product or service in the future. This ideal outcome is not likely to occur when you use outdated technology and software in your meeting.

  6. Fosters client satisfaction

    Conference room solutions, like quality presentation tools, will help create a meeting experience that your client will not soon forget. Use of the latest technology will foster lasting client satisfaction with your business, giving you a competitive edge over companies that have not yet updated their presentation methods.

  1. Strengthen client relationships

    As you continue to meet with your client and provide exceptional meeting experiences, you strengthen your relationship with your client. By creating an environment in which they can collaborate and interact with your presentation, they feel more engaged. Entrepreneurs that cater to a passive audience will only find an equally passive reaction when it comes time to make a sale. Instead, make sure to involve your client to communicate that they are more than just a customer, they are a valued business partner.

 Stocking your meeting space with the latest in conference room technology solutions will help you do more than just make a sale—it will nurture a client relationship that will bring you success for years to come. While purchasing advanced presentation tools and software out of pocket can be costly, there are affordable alternatives to gain access to the technology you need, the most popular of which are conference room rentals.

Capture your client’s attention with high tech presentation tools by booking your next meeting with conference room rentals from Davinci.


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Coco Quillen

Coco Quillen

Coco is the Vice President of Operations at Davinci Meeting Rooms. She manages the strategic development and operational implementation of services for Davinci. She works closely with all teams to ensure customers are well taken care of. Google