5 Tips for Entrepreneurs Looking to Grow Their Brand

1.  Project a Professional Brand Image

If your brand doesn’t exude a professional image, it simply won’t grow. Professionalism inspires confidence in clients, partners, and employees. For a one man shop or a small business, it can be a little challenging to look as professional and capable as the industry giants. In order to keep up and prove that your brand deserves to sit alongside more established veteran offerings when you meet with clients, meet with them in a professional meeting space. Don’t settle for busy coffee shops, noisy restaurants, or distracting public spaces. With Davinci meeting rooms you have the availability of meeting room rentals across the world.  There’s always a great place to hold a meeting that will represent you and your brand in the most professional manner possible.

2.  Seek out Mutually Beneficial Business Partners

As an entrepreneur, you will need to find partners in business to accomplish all your goals and to fully satisfy your clients. When seeking out other businesses or individuals to partner with, make sure that the relationship is mutually beneficial. It can be tempting to always try to be on the “winning side” of an agreement, but equally beneficial partnerships are always a better long term prospect. When both sides of a partnership are happy, productivity and innovation will stay high.

3.  Save Money, but Don’t Sacrifice Quality

When choosing technology, services, and software to adopt for your business, make sure that you carefully research all your options and find out how to get the best quality possible without putting a financial burden on your company. Quite often it’s better to choose a higher quality product and use their base level services rather than a product that sacrifices quality to offer more features at the same cost. As your business grows, you can adopt more premium offerings. If choosing a live receptionist service, remember that the quality of service you choose will reflect directly on your brand’s image. Davinci Virtual offers the best of both worlds by providing high quality at costs that are friendly to entrepreneurs and small businesses.

4.  Raise Funding From Reputable Sources

There are plenty of ways to raise funds for your company, but it’s vital that you choose a reputable partner that understands and services the entrepreneur and small business market. A company like Kabbage.com is ideal for sourcing a business loan as they focus exclusively on providing capital to the small business market. Always leverage online reviews, word of mouth opinion, and industry buzz to evaluate funding sources thoroughly. Of course, always use funds raised to amplify your brand.

5.  Get Connected and Start Networking with Industry Experts

The Internet offers countless ways to meet and connect with like-minded and goal-aligned individuals. Services such as linked.in, Twitter, Google Plus, Facebook, and countless industry-specific social networks are a great place to share your expertise and leverage the ideas of other innovative minds in your field. As you emerge as an expert and recognized member in your industry, your brand’s influence will rise right along with you. Don’t be afraid to seek out friendships and open up about your business and its offerings. The only way to grow your business is to expose it to the world.

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Kris Duckworth

Mary Castleton has worked at Davinci Virtual since 2011. She works with the digital marketing team as the IT Project Manager. Mary manages the communications between vendors and staff to ensure marketing and digital projects are completed on time and to scope.