5 Meeting Room Etiquette Tips for Meeting Organizers

In our last Davinci 101 we talked about a few etiquette tips for meeting attendees. Since most of our clients are often on the other side of the table presenting, we picked 5 more etiquette tips, this time focusing on meeting organizers and presenters. While there’s a lot that goes into presenting and organizing a meeting, proper etiquette is a great way to make sure that your meeting is memorable for all the right reasons.

  1.  Start on Time

Just as everybody is expected to show up on time for the meeting, attendees expect the meeting to begin at the scheduled time. If you are still waiting on some people to show up, start the meeting and offer to catch them up on what they missed after the meeting. While you may not want anybody missing out on what you need to say, it’s unprofessional to keep people waiting around for you to start the show.

  1. Make the Meeting as Comfortable as Possible

When setting up a meeting, try to make it as convenient and comfortable as possible for your attendees. Consider the time you schedule the meeting (try to avoid typical lunch hours), where you hold the meeting, how long you plan on keeping everybody seated, and how dense your material will be. If you must schedule during lunch hours, consider having the meeting catered. Try to pick a meeting space that is the most central to your clients and partners to attend. If your material will take multiple hours to present, plan multiple meetings instead of a long one. If your material is extremely dense, allow extra time for clarification and follow-up questions. Try hard to make sure that your attendees are comfortable physically and mentally.

  1. Ensure that Only the Correct People are Invited to Attend

As a meeting organizer, it’s up to you to make sure that the right people attend your meetings. Don’t invite people who won’t benefit from your presentations as they’ll feel that the time they spent with you was big waste of time. It’s tempting to try and invite executives into your meetings, but if middle managers and associates are a better fit for your content, go with the middle managers and associates.

  1. Control the Meeting

It’s vital that you keep your meetings on-topic and productive from beginning to end. If an attendee is bringing up questions or topics that will lead the meeting astray, politely offer to meet with the person at a later date and steer the conversation back to the reason everybody chose to attend in the first place. Letting the meeting deviate can cause frustration and boredom.

  1. End the Meeting on Time

Ending a meeting on time is as important as starting the meeting on time. Many attendees are too polite to walk out of a meeting that runs long, but it can be a major inconvenience all the same. If your meeting is in danger of running long, offer to set up a second meeting or excuse anybody who needs to leave. For those that do need to leave, offer to fill them in on important details as soon as they’re available. A follow-up meeting is preferable to running long, however.

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Jeff Rivera

Jeff Rivera

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