5 Meeting Room Etiquette Tips for Meeting Attendees

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Business meetings can be held for a wide variety of reasons, but the impression you make on others is often the most memorable part of the event. As business partnerships are usually built on trust, making positive impressions in every meeting can help your business grow. Below are a few small tips for maintaining proper etiquette during meetings where you have been invited to attend.

  1. Be on Time!

Perhaps the most important thing you can do to prepare for a good meeting is to be on time for the event. People often operate on tight schedules, and if you cause delays, everybody is going to feel put out if the meeting ends with unresolved items. Always plan to be early to every meeting so potential delays won’t be much of an issue. If an emergency or an unavoidable problem arises that causes you to be late, try and notify each attendee that you’re running behind and let them know that they’re free to start the meeting in your absence.

  1. Put down the Smartphone

Your significant other hates it during dates when you pull out your phone, and so does every meeting organizer during a meeting. Every time you look at your smartphone during a meeting, it’s a signal to the presenter that you have other tasks that you deem more important than what they’re sharing or that you find your Twitter feed to be more interesting. Put your phone on silent and resist the urge to check it for any reason during a meeting. They made time to put together a presentation, the least you can do is give your full attention. If you have a situation where you need to be on call, let the organizer know that you may need to be excused, but try to cause the least disruption possible.

  1. Keep things Tidy

Many meeting presenters will offer food and drink for attendees, especially if it’s a lunch hour meeting. Try to keep your area neat and clean while you eat and don’t distract others by making a mess. If you bring any of your own materials, keep them organized and within your space at the table. It’s also a good idea to dress nicely, even for smaller meetings. If you’re remembered as being sloppy, it makes future deals much harder to secure.

  1. Don’t Derail the Meeting’s Purpose

Every presenter enjoys discussion and feedback during a meeting, but make sure to keep your comments on topic and free from distracting tangents. If you have questions that don’t apply to the subject matter, save them for later and ask for a follow up meeting or for a continued discussion at a later time. When busy people arrange schedules and make time for a meeting, remember that wild tangents are the last thing they want to hear.

  1. Don’t be a Passive Member of the Meeting

If you’ve been invited to a business meeting, it’s because the meeting organizer values your feedback or feels that you have something important to learn. If you show up, never comment, and leave without any sort of follow up later, the organizer will most likely assume that you were uninterested, bored, or simply didn’t care. Make on-topic comments, share insight and opinion, and always follow up with an email or phone call to thank the organizer for their time and effort. Make the organizer feel validated in their choice to invite you to the meeting.


Obviously there are more things to consider when attending a meeting, but always focus on making each meeting you attend as productive and informative as possible. Strive to make a good impression on the people you meet with, even if you meet with them often. In an upcoming release we’ll look at five more meeting room etiquette tips, focusing more on things presenters should consider.

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