12 Ways to Show Gratitude to Your Customers—365 Days a Year

During the winter holiday season, many businesses turn their attention to showing gratitude toward their customers—for their business, loyalty, and even advocacy. Simply saying “thank you” isn’t enough. Businesses need to seek out opportunities to show their gratitude to customers in fun and memorable ways. The following are 12 ways that you can show your gratitude to customers, not only this holiday season but all year.

  1. Write a personal note. Making the extra time in today’s digital world to write a personal note to your customers. It will make a big difference in your customer’s day.
  1. Educate your customers. Know your customers’ businesses and deliver content that educates them and gives them new ideas that enable them to develop new revenue streams, deliver better customer service, increase operational efficiencies.
  1. Market your customers. Find ways to promote your customers and their businesses through your marketing channels such as blog posts, videos, case studies, media interviews, and other opportunities. These showcase their thought leadership and innovation and help them build brand awareness and engagement.
  1. Spend quality time. Sometimes face-to-face meetings matter such as negotiating important contracts. Not every small business or entrepreneur has the right office space or even an office for customer meetings. This is when rented meeting rooms like Davinci Meeting Rooms plays a pivotal role.
  1. Give a great book. Give your customers a book that you found particularly insightful and that you believe will help run their businesses more successfully.
  1. Reward advocates. For customers who advocate on your behalf, whether over their social networks or to their peers, you need to find ways to reward them—either through formal or informal means. It doesn’t need to be just gamification rewards or loyalty points, but rather one-off appreciations such as tweeting or posting about an advocate on your social networks, making yourself available for consultative assistance, donations to not-for-profits on their behalf, and more.
  1. Give them a surprise free upgrade. Surprise advocates and customers that demonstrate loyalty by surprising them with free upgrades and add-ons.
  1. Distribute free goodies. Give your customers free goodies with gift cards for their favorite coffee shop or restaurant, treats from a local bakery, among other ideas.
  1. Refer customers. Connect your customers with each other and refer others to them for business—whether directly or indirectly, digitally or through traditional channels.
  1. Welcome their feedback. Always remain open to feedback from your customers and let them know you appreciate their ideas afterwards. Empowered and appreciated customers are more loyal and tend to advocate more frequently.
  1. Provide great customer service. Make sure you’re always giving your customers great service experiences. This means need to offer your customers multiple engagement channels and provide seamless experiences across all of them. Davinci Live Receptionists and Live Web Chat services give you the ability to engage with you via the channels and devices of their choice—anytime, anywhere. In doing so, you’ll have better retention rates, turn more customers into advocates, and grow your revenue streams.
  1. Celebrate achievements and milestones. Treat your customers’ successes like your own. Highlight their achievements on your social channels, formulate award-recognition programs, and other initiatives that demonstrate your commitment to them professionally and personally.
Patrick Spencer

Patrick Spencer

Patrick Spencer (Ph.D.) is the President and Founder of TIRO Communications that helps companies develop, build, and manage content, customer, advocacy, and demand-gen programs. Included in its offerings is TIRO Cognition Insights, a data analytics tool that enables B2C and B2B businesses to pinpoint what their customers and competitors’ customers are saying and to identify corresponding actionable product, services, competitive, sales, and marketing intelligence. LinkedIn Profile: LinkedIn Website: www.tirocommunications.com

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