10 New Year’s Resolutions for Small Businesses

Individuals normally look to the beginning of each New Year to make resolutions for personal improvement—to lose weight, to spend more time with one’s partner or family, to manage finances better, to learn a new language, to run a marathon…the list could go on for pages. Sometimes these initiatives are successful; sometimes they fail within a few weeks of the New Year.

New Year’s resolutions are also good for businesses. Taking a moment to reflect on the past year and consider new ideas and strategies for the coming year is a great exercise for every business—particularly small businesses. Well-thought business resolutions can help companies improve productivity, lower costs, and fuel growth.

Davinci offers easily attainable goals and is a great resolution starting point for many small businesses. To seed your thinking, here are 10 resolutions that you might want to consider for 2015; we’re calling it the list of “no mores….”

  1. No more never-ending calls from Uncle Bob when you are racing against the clock with your team to meet a deadline for one of your most important customers. Get a live virtual receptionist to filter your calls, pushing those that aren’t urgent into your voice mail and forwarding those that are important and time-sensitive to your direct line.
  2. No more critical business meetings with clients at the local Starbucks. With Davinci meeting rooms, you can reserve conference rooms in professional business centers by the hour or day.
  3. No more team training sessions at the local YMCA. With Davinci meeting rooms, you can reserve conference rooms of all different shapes and sizes that meet your requirements by the hour, day, or week.
  4. No more week-long business trips where your hotel room serves as your day office. With Davinci meeting rooms, you can pay for day offices by the hour, day, or week.
  5. No more business expansions into new cities without a local address and phone number. With Davinci Virtual office solutions, you can get local addresses and phone numbers in a professional, upscale business center.
  6. No more walk-in clients who arrive at your office location and find no one at the front desk to meet and greet them. With Davinci Virtual, lobby greeters welcome both scheduled and unscheduled visitors.
  7. No more listing your home address as your business mailing address. With Davinci virtual office solutions, your mail is received and can be forwarded wherever you need it to go.
  8. No more time spent pulling front-line staff to manage outbound calling. You can contract to have outbound calling for lead generation, appointment scheduling, surveys and market research, subscription renewals and sales, and third-party verification services managed via live receptionist services.
  9. No more automated voice mail systems to answer incoming calls when you aren’t available. With Davinci live receptionist services, your incoming calls are answered by a real person who works with them to answer their questions and help them complete a transaction when needed.
  10. No more back-and-forth calls and voice mails trying to schedule appointments. With Davinci live receptionist services, your appointments are scheduled in real time using an online appointment scheduling system that sends email alerts and text notifications for new and upcoming appointments.

For more ways Davinci Virtual Office Solutions and Davinci Meeting Rooms can help you with your 2015 resolutions, visit us at davincivirtual.com or davincimeetingrooms.com.

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Erin Martin

Erin Martin

I am the Customer Care Manager for Davinci Virtual. I am from Salt Lake City, UT and have been with Davinci for 4 years. I manage our new client set ups and proactive client communication to ensure that quality and service exceed customer expectations. Our goal is to help our clients understand and utilize our services to support their business success.