How to Meet Clients While Running a Home-Based Business

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Your home-based business has finally launched, and it’s doing great! Business is rolling in and clients are thrilled with your work. As your business continues to grow, you’re finding that more often than not, you need a place to host meetings. And as we know how busy life is, juggling your home-based business and your home—with all the dirty dishes, laundry, and kids that come with it—it’s safe to say your house isn’t always the best place to host meetings. After all, nothing screams “I’m a professional” like meeting in your living room or at your kitchen table.

Though you might maintain a very clean, orderly home, people’s perceptions of meeting there won’t be what you hope. Most clients view it as evidence that you can’t afford office space. While we all know this isn’t always the case, there are other options for those starting a business from home and meeting with clients—options that won’t break the bank. With these meeting space alternatives, you can still save money by avoiding the overhead of leasing a work space.

  • The library:

    Many libraries have study rooms or large conference tables that you can reserve. This will give you a quiet space to meet with your clients. Located in most city and county centers, your clients will appreciate your simple, convenient meeting space choice. Not to mention, it is free.

  • Restaurant banquet rooms:

    A large benefit to hosting meetings at restaurants is your clients can also enjoy nice food and beverages. Finding a restaurant with a large banquet room will give you the privacy you need to discuss important meeting matters. Most restaurants are very accommodating to any additional materials you might bring with you to keep your meeting successful, such as projectors, screens, etc.

  • Virtual meeting rooms:

    In many cases, a meeting can be just as productive when hosted in a virtual meeting room. There are many online video conference room services available at a variety of costs and with many different features. With most, you can screen share, video chat, and even share note taking. Though, virtual meetings are convenient, avoid resorting to them all of the time. There is a much deeper level of trust and connection that is developed when meetings are held in person.

  • Meeting room rentals:

    Davinci Virtual offers meeting room rental services for all types of business. These services are especially useful for home-based businesses. Davinci meeting rooms are professional, business meeting spaces available for rent by the hour or day. With over 3,000 meeting spaces in over 900 locations, you’re sure to find a meeting space to fit your needs.

    These spaces range in size and can provide you with all of the business services you might need to keep your meeting running smoothly. Unlike other meeting spaces, you won’t have to rent and pack projector, screens, and other supplies. Davinci offers all of those onsite. You’ll also find that each location’s staff can provide additional business services such as copying, printing, shipping, mailing, faxing, etc. Each location is also stocked with additional business supplies that might be useful for your meeting such as paper, pens, dry-erase boards, etc. They even offer food and beverage catering services. And with each location’s onsite front desk greater, your clients will know they are in the right place.

    All Davinci meeting room rentals are only available for business meetings and cannot be used for parties and other occasions—maintaining the professional business atmosphere you need. Davinci also has a mobile-friendly, online meeting room booking system so you can search for spaces on-the-go. These meeting spaces are cost-effective options to help keep your meetings professional. Davinci also offers a variety of virtual office space services that include onsite meeting room rental credit.

When it comes to scheduling a meeting, be sure to take into account your clients, their relationship with you and how you want your business to be perceived. There are endless meeting space options from local libraries to professional office space; just because you’re a home-based business, doesn’t mean your clients also have to do business with you in your home.

Meet your clients in a cost effective, convenient meeting space today.

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Coco Quillen

Coco Quillen

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