10 Things to Avoid as An Entrepreneur

Becoming your own entrepreneur can an exciting experience.  However, there are several issues to look out for.  As you will see, many things can get in the way of becoming a successful entrepreneur, and we’ll go over 10 of them.

1. Working Remotely and Staying Up to Date

Many of today’s workers are leaving the office space. More people are becoming members of the mobile workforce.  As such, they are taking their work home, and creating a more flexible schedule for themselves.

However, it does come with a price.  You need to have the latest equipment that can handle your remote work. Specifically, you need a reliable internet connection with WiFi to hold conversations through texts, and video chat.  Avoid being frugal with your office equipment.

2. Travel Issues

Speaking of a good internet connection, it is also important when you travel. It isn’t just enough to have good equipment.  You have to make sure your internet connection works abroad.  However, you can easily fix that with an adapter that allows you to access the internet in other countries.  These adapters can be found on Amazon or any other site that sells converters.

3. Negotiation Is Essential

You also have to know how to negotiate with people. The process is vital for entrepreneurs.  No matter who you’re dealing with, you have to understand your business’ details.  Research everything, avoid being ignorant of what others want.  But, you also have to exhibit fairness.  Not knowing how to negotiate will kill any possibility of moving forward.

4. Avoid the Email Trap

Working as an entrepreneur requires you to communicate with many people.  However, that doesn’t mean you need to constantly check if they sent replies to you.  Designate certain times of the day to specifically check emails.  Whether you do it once per hour or once per day, use that time exclusively for emails.  Otherwise, leave them alone.

5. Time Is of The Essence

Not only is location important.  You also need to figure out when you work best.  Is it quieter in the morning or evening?  Either way, figuring this out will help you avoid yet another distraction from your job.

6. Set A Schedule

As an entrepreneur, it is more important than ever to create a schedule for yourself, and organize your time.  You won’t be able to depend on anyone to remind you of upcoming meetings or due dates.  Therefore, with a to-do list app like Google Calendar, you can easily schedule a task, and set reminders for it.  There are plenty of apps that will help you avoid losing track of important things, so find one that works best for you.

7. Avoid the Clutter

Keeping yourself organized can be tough if you keep writing things down.  Your papers will get lost, and you’ll forget where they are.  That’s where apps like Evernote come in handy.  All you have to do is write a virtual note, or store a picture, into the app.  You’re floating papers will be gone.

8. Share Files Virtually

You should also make sure that your notes, and schedules, can be shared virtually.  Some apps can do this on their own.  But, other apps such as Google Drive or Dropbox are helpful.  Using them allows you to update the involved parties about any changes you need to make.  It also removes big files from your email, which opens up space for anything new.

9. Don’t Work and Eat

You may think that eating a snack while working isn’t a problem.  However, there are times when it can distract you from your task – especially if what you eat is connected to a memory.  Consider making your work desk a no-eating zone.  If you work, and eat, at the same table, do so separately.  Focus on the work, and have the meal later.

10. Avoid the Burn Out

The last tip involves focusing on yourself.  Don’t get so caught up in work that you forget to relax a little.  While important projects need to be focused on, it’s OK to take breaks.  Even a five-minute break to chat with a friend, or a Friday night out, is fine as long as it doesn’t get in the way of production.


Entrepreneurship has its advantages with flexible schedules, and the ability to work where you choose.  However, being mindful of the issues discussed is important to succeed in producing quality work, and a good rapport with others.  Balancing everything will help you create quality projects at an enjoyable pace.

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Nick Rojas

Nick Rojas

Nick Rojas is a business consultant and journalist who lives in Chicago and his hometown Los Angeles with his wife. His work often discusses social media, marketing, and branding in regards to small and medium enterprises (SMEs).