The Benefits and Wisdom of Renting a Meeting Space at a Virtual Office or Serviced Workspace Provider

Work lean and smart, be agile- and don’t waste money. That’s the mantra of today’s millennial workforce and entrepreneurial whizzes — and why signing on at cost-effective Virtual Offices, Touchdown Spaces and coworking Spaces is so popular, mainstream and gaining momentum.

More and more people are realizing that you don’t necessarily need the expense and headache of renting and maintaining a fancy, status-legitimizing, full-time office anymore … and that in many (not all) instances, having a flexible, mobile workspace arrangement is the wiser road to success. An impressive, dedicated office is a luxury that is no longer the ‘must’ that it once was in previous work generations, since what you’re largely paying for is space and real estate that you may only use 25-50% of the time — hardly a winning work-way to spark optimal profitability.

OK … so you may not need a private, personal office anymore since a Virtual Office or Touchdown Space will due — but you still may have to meet from time to time in group settings, don’t you?  So what’s the solution? Well, the answer is the same for meetings as it is for office/workspace needs — pay for only as much, and as often as you need a meeting space. Don’t waste your hard-earned money on a permanent space that has a conference room that you’ll occupy use less than you will the office.

Pay-per-use meeting and conference spaces are as abundant and easy-to-book as are Day Offices these days — and as economical. But what if you already have an office … or you don’t have an office and work from home? No sweat. Booking a meeting space on an as-needed basis doesn’t require a membership in many instances. Instantly available non-member options abound … although you might find that being a member of a work and meeting space provider member-group and referral service might get you better rates, greater access/inventory, usage guarantees and other insider plusses, similar to the benefits you get as a member of airline and credit card company loyalty programs.

But even if there is a suitable meeting room at your central office — an evolving phenomenon we’re finding gaining traction is for companies to go off-site and rent meeting space anyway for a variety of reasons … not the least of which include: getting the benefit of meeting at an invigorating meeting environment for fresher, creative thinking and brainstorming; plus being less accessible and thus less subject to routine interruptions, at a venue where the team can concentrate on the critical goal of the meeting.

Meeting at an available, professional meeting or conference facility at a variety of convenient, low-cost serviced workspaces makes a lot of sense … and can be super energizing, too!

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Ray Lindenberg

Ray Lindenberg

Ray Lindenberg is President of WANY - The Workspace Association of New York, and IN-Cert - The International Cooperative of A+ Certified Workspaces; and is the Chief Consultant & Innovation Officer at the Winning Workspaces Hospitality Group.