New Alternative Conference Rooms Create Better Morale

With the economy still dragging, many businesses are downsizing so they require less space. While that can save some companies on rental expenses, it creates another problem – one is where to hold those all-important meetings. The newest crop of businesses are also small – meaning there is limited space for the same meetings that are so crucial for business development.

Morale is an issue that more firms should pay more attention to. It’s easy to let that issue slip through the cracks with so many other pressing things to deal with. But in reality – only content staff will pull a company forward. I’ve seen more than one company go downhill when the staff was neglected. It’s the trickle-down effect — the staff trickles down displeasure to both prospects and clients. And that’s the last thing any company wants to see happening.

Statistics have shown time and again that good morale has the power to determine whether a business is successful. Many businesses have realized this, which is why they invest in training staff. But some firms do not have the resources to attend to training adequately. Space has always been an issue. When I first trained on computers long ago – our firm sent us all offsite and hired a trainer. It was a great experience that I will never forget. In fact, I learned more in that isolated environment than I ever did in an in-house training set up.

In fact, it is more than likely that businesses will milk the recession card for as long as they can. One office I worked in during the late 90s kept telling us that they weren’t turning a profit. Funny how those fancy lunches and boondoggles to Hawaii with their whole families in tow continued. But I suppose it wasn’t really my concern.

One thing is for certain though — virtually any business, no matter how small, large or financially successful – can benefit from and afford meeting rooms. The prices are so affordable that even the average person can afford to use them, as well.

Booking meeting rooms on a regular basis is also a great way to continue to raise morale. This relatively small and inexpensive gesture is a great way to show the staff how appreciated they are – whether it’s a fun lunch or weekly meeting.

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Coco Quillen

Coco Quillen

Coco is the Vice President of Operations at Davinci Meeting Rooms. She manages the strategic development and operational implementation of services for Davinci. She works closely with all teams to ensure customers are well taken care of. Google