What if Everyone Around You Loved His Job? Part 2

When people love the work they do and the place where they do it, their sense of camaraderie and desire to produce optimum results improves. They want to please their boss and seek advancement in the company they are working for, because they begin to see their work as more than a job. Their enjoyment of their work makes them think about it in the long term and consider the idea of remaining a career employee. When employees feel strongly positive about the idea of having a career in their company, they will do everything they can to advance the productive workforce of that company to improve things for themselves and their peers.

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What If Everyone Around You Loved Their Job?

Day after day, we follow the same mundane routine. The alarm clock goes off, we hit the snooze button, roll over. What seems like thirty seconds later, the alarm clock is going off yet again. We opt for one more snooze before the blaring noise of morning talk radio reminds us that we have to get up right now, no, really, right now, or we’re going to be late for work.

We get to work and we drone through ten or fifteen emails. The boss needs laminated charts delivered for a meeting. That cute guy in marketing finally has a press release to be looked over. We sip our scalding hot coffee, swear about it, forget ninety seconds later, and do it again. Even if we started out loving our jobs, even if we still sort of like them, many of us are just plain bored in the workplace… and looking around at the sullen faces of our coworkers assures us that we aren’t the only ones.

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Balancing Work and Real Life

Making your life mesh with your work schedule is a challenge we all have to face – some of us do it with more grace than others. When work takes all the steam out of your engine and you still need to get back to your apartment, walk the dog, call for take out, answer that email from mom you’ve been ignoring for the past three weeks and finally take out the overflowing recycling bin, you might find yourself wanting to crawl under a rock. Work can be incredibly hectic when there are new projects on the horizon, new people to train, and an ever increasing to-do list that feels like it will never be crossed off. How can you get in the right head space to leave work feeling enthusiastic about the rest of your day?

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Don’t Like Your Office? Change Locations Without Getting a New Job

I don’t know about you but sometimes I get bogged down with the location of my office. I couldn’t necessarily change the location of my day job when I had one, but I do have a small business I operate from my basement at home. As such when I tire of the venue, it is nothing for me to think about finding higher ground.

Seeking out new locations opens my mind to wider creative possibilities. It helps me to stay focused and I don’t lose an ounce of productivity. I can move at will and for little money because I engage the services of a meeting room. I usually outsource a lot of work and occasionally these friendly personnel and I meet at the local coffee shop to get in a meeting to focus on our next project.

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Benefits of Mobile Work Environments

The explosion of information technology has made it possible for many employers to work from home. With the advent of personal computers, email, texting and teleconferencing, workers have been liberated from corporate America in its former state, experiencing more flexibility than ever before. The most obvious advantage of mobile work environments for companies is the increased productivity that also translates to higher revenue.

One of the biggest ways technology and the Internet has influenced business operations is through recruitment. Most anyone in search of that dream job is online posting a resume on multiple job- and recruitment sites. This makes it much easier to find candidates that really fit the bill for companies. Not only do they no longer waste valuable time, but the usual song and dance to get a handle on prospective employee qualifications has been cut down considerably.

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Staff Mobility Yields Improved Customer Satisfaction

In today’s challenging economy, every business, no matter the size, is looking for new ways to improve the happiness of its customers. It goes without saying that customer satisfaction is the key that unlocks the door to success for any business. More and more companies are figuring this out. Below are some aspects to consider with regard to how mobility can increase the bottom line.

1. Happy campers are more productive. There is no doubt that more content staff generally is more enthusiastic about working. The precursor to customer satisfaction is staff pride. We all know that it is the staff that has the power to make or break any company. One of the best ways to motivate employees is to maintain a forward thinking approach so that each staff member feels appreciated. What better way to do that than with more mobility? The convenience afforded by mobile work environments increases accessibility, while also allowing for more work flexibility.

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Save Moola with Alternative Meetings

In the pre-teleconferencing days of attending a meeting anyplace you could hook up a computer, I knew a fellow who traveled extensively for his career. He once traveled from his home in the Caribbean for a conference in Sweden. Total stay was three days. Total travel time was two days. Talk about jet lag!

He was a junior exec then, with a young family. Years of extensive travel for his company eventually led him to focus on another career so he could devote more time to his rapidly maturing children. He personally bore no financial costs on the trips, but think of the small fortune his attendance at conferences must have cost his company.
The costs he incurred were minimal, true enough, but the sacrifices he made by being away from his family were phenomenal. You work for a better quality of life, to provide for your children but . . . you can never get back the times you missed their school plays, sporting events and overall, growth, in general.

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Increase Employee Productivity with Alternative Meeting Spaces

Is your office cramped, cold, too hot, noisy, or just too familiar to concentrate effectively? Distractions can rob employees of valuable working time, decrease productivity and put work far behind schedule.

Everyone deserves a break and this is especially true for the workforce who often logs in more hours at the office than they put in at home. Workers often complain about not having enough flexible time to take care other things which are important to them. Doesn’t it make sense that their time at work should be as comfortable as possible?

Making an employee’s life more comfortable helps to increase their value to the organization. For this reason, companies need to occasionally accommodate their workers in different working environments.

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Reducing Stress While Keeping Your Edge

Stress can undermine success. When you are working at the top of your game, making sure you manage stress can be the secret to a long and healthy business life. While there is a lot of advice out there, and plenty of stress reduction programs, pills and prescriptions, some of the best remedies for reducing stress are ideas you might hear from your mother.

If there is one single, top reason for out of control stress, it probably has to do with not getting enough sleep. Sleep is vital to physical and mental regeneration. How much sleep a person needs differs between individuals, but every person has an optimum amount, usually somewhere between five and nine hours. If you do not get this amount of sleep, you will have a harder time managing stress. So, while it may sound banal, knowing how much sleep you really need, and meeting that need, is one of the first places to look if you are looking to reduce stress in your life.

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