Increase The Bottom Line: How to Leverage Conference Room Rentals For Your Business

Davinci Meeting and Conference Rooms is proud to present this infographic showcasing how to increase the bottom line through leveraging conference rooms for your business. Discover what conference room rentals are as well as how utilizing them can save your business money while increasing a professional image.

To learn about booking a conference room rental,  visit Book a conference room straight from your phone with the Davinci Meeting Room app on iTunes and Google Play.

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Increase the Bottom Line With Conference Room Rentals (infographic) | Davinci Virtual

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The Meeting Room Checklist [Infographic]

Davinci Meeting and Conference Rooms is proud to present an infographic checklist to finding the perfect meeting room rental. Use this checklist to ensure your client meetings are fully equipped with all the technology, amenities, and other miscellaneous items you may need. To learn more about booking a meeting room, check out our blog post, “Book a Meeting Room with Confidence,” or visit Book a meeting room rental straight from your phone with the Davinci Meeting Room app on iTunes and Google Play.

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The Meeting Room Checklist [Infographic] |Davinci Virtual

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Book a Meeting Room with Confidence [Meeting Room Checklist]

Book a Meeting Room with Confidence [Meeting Room Checklist] | Davinci Virtual

It’s a good problem to have: Your business is so large that you need to schedule meetings in different states and countries. So what are your options? Noisy public spaces or stale hotel conference rooms? Expensive and underutilized satellite offices? None of these are equipped with the technology and resources you need to make the right impression.

What if you could rent an office for a day, or book a meeting room or conference space for a short period of time, and have it come fully equipped to meet your unique needs? You’d save a lot of cash and make a stronger impression on your client. Well that is a possibility. Refer to our list below to book a meeting room that not only fits your specific needs but also helps you feel more confident with your decision to use virtual office solutions.

The Meeting Room Checklist

Book a Meeting Room with Confidence [Meeting Room Checklist] | Davinci Virtual

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Presenting On The Road: Three Tips To Present Like Steve Jobs

A man writing several colorful things on a white board in conference room rental.

Delivering killer presentations to prospective clients is important to expanding your business, but they can be tricky—especially if you’re presenting in a different state or country. When you’re on the road, it’s crucial to understand regional cultural differences, be familiar with the technology you’ll be using and work around jet lag so you appear fresh. Here are three key elements that will help make your presentation great.

Planning And Prepping

Apple co-founder Steve Jobs possessed a legendary ability to capture an audience’s attention. It wasn’t by chance that his presentations were so successful—it was the hours and hours of work he put into making them perfect. Brainstorming, white boarding, sketching, honing his script and practicing over and over again were all part of his prep work. When he finally took the stage and uttered his first carefully chosen word, he was confident he’d kill it—and he did. This attention to detail can pay off for you, too. While planning your presentation, remember another tool that Jobs used effectively: the “ten minute” rule. Make sure you do or say something especially captivating every ten minutes to keep your audience engaged. Even the best presenters must work to hold their audience’s focus.

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Expand Your Business On Demand With These 3 Flexibility Tips

A pole with several signs pointing in different directions, each with a word that describes ways to expand a small business.

A pole with several signs pointing in different directions, each with a word that describes ways to expand a small business.According to the Huffington Post, the recession killed 170,000 small businesses between 2008 and 2010. But just three years later, the picture was quite different. A Constant Contact, Inc. survey reports that small businesses had a fiscally strong 2013, with almost 40 percent saying their revenues increased 10 percent or more over 2012.

With such fluctuations, and without a crystal ball, it’s hard to predict what small business owners will report six years from now, but it’s clear that cultivating flexibility is a smart business practice. That way you’re ready to expand your business during economic upturns and retract during the downturns.

Here are a few ways companies are upping their flexibility game.

Changing The Business Model

When your industry faces increased competition, new technologies or a fluctuating economy, you may need to change your business plan. That can be a scary thing, especially if your business is well established. But when the economy twists and turns, making big moves become necessary to stay competitive.

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Virtual Office Solutions Make Running a Business a Breeze

Virtual offices are being used with great success in a variety of business settings. Entrepreneurs find them essential to manage communications so they are free to conduct business. I find them to be a flexible solution to function from any and often multiple locations.

Professionals like me who are required to take regular meetings and visit multiple locations use virtual office tools regularly. VoIP lets me stay in touch with colleagues, contacts and clients on a continual basis. I also use web-based programs to manage tasks, scheduling work and collaborate with team members.

Without the hassle and expense of commuting or travel, we are free to dedicate more time to getting things done more productively. Thankfully, technology has made it so that much of what we do doesn’t require that we be stuck in the office. As long as we are available by phone, email and fax – it’s all good.

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Davinci Vitruvian Man: leverage your way to success

We all know that Leonardo da Vinci was probably one of the most well known Italians of all time. He embodied all that the Renaissance period is acknowledged for as a painter, architect, sculptor, musician, mathematician, scientist, engineer, anatomist, inventor, geologist, botanist, cartographer, and writer. In short, he is considered by many to be the most diversely talented person ever to have lived.

Most anyone can appreciate and admire Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man, the physical embodiment of the ultimate Renaissance humanist. Like anyone interested in innovation, I can easily see how the figure represents the soul of creativity. The outstretched arms are a symbol of strength, but also of imagination. Those two attributes alone would probably be enough for success – I know they would be for me.

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Virtual Communications Offer New Flexibility to Businesses

One of the best things that could have happened for businesses was the advent of virtual communications systems. No longer do you have to be physically attached to an office to get work done. This is, after all, a global marketplace we exist in. Every company wants to take advantage of differing time zones, cultures, and other issues of diversity as a way to gain momentum in the workplace.

One of the most popular ways to communicate virtually is through social media networks. Facebook began as a way for family and friends to connect, but today it has also catapulted into a network that drives businesses forward. From everywhere and from just about any company, you will see the Facebook logo asking you to like their company. Let’s not forget Twitter, Pinterest and literally, hundreds more, which are popular among the masses of workers. There are also intranets that seek the input from specialized groups.

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