Tuscon – So Much More Affordable Than L.A.

Meeting rooms_week 26_1Tucson, Arizona is well known for its year round warm weather and traditionally steady growth patterns. Its proximity to Los Angeles has made it a big draw, since it costs so much less to do business there. Business can enjoy lower operating costs while snagging business from L.A. The way they do this is often by offering lower prices, much to the consternation of competing L.A. businesses.

As a low-cost alternative to both Phoenix and Los Angeles, business investors enjoy a great number of opportunities in Tucson. Also, the work force tends to be highly educated since there are so many affordable universities.

Los Angeles businesses consider moving to Tucson to save on operating costs. During that transition, professionals can use local meeting rooms for as little as $20 an hour, as opposed to around $25 in L.A. That may not seem like a lot, but if you book these rooms regularly, it can add up. Also, the cost of living and other expenses are considerably lower in Tucson – making it even more attractive to L.A. businesses.

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