Working from Home: Pros versus Cons

Working from home isn’t for everyone, but thanks to improved technology, it is a new possibility for more people than ever before. These pros and cons will help you decide if working at home is right for you.


1. Manage your own schedule: Avoid having to give up all the best concerts and hangouts, just because of an inconvenient work schedule. Work when you want to work, and take back control of your day.

2. No commuting: Some people sit in a car, bus, or subway for an hour or two every day. Spend that time doing something else, like catching up on sleep.

3. Save money: Gas, lunches out, and a professional wardrobe are just some of the expenses you can totally shrink by working from home.

4. Workplace variety: You can work in a home office, at the kitchen table, or at the coffee house down the street. Find a place with wireless Internet access, and you’re set!

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