City of Brotherly Love: Philadelphia

Philadelphia has seen its share of ups and downs, just like the rest of the country. Philly’s main advantage is that it is the largest business market in the state. There is also some new development in the area that is inspiring entrepreneurial types to pursue new businesses.

Along with new business comes financial uncertainty. Whether it is startup costs or increasing the bottom line, the challenges of small businesses are different from larger firms. One of the aspects they face is the cost of office space. Because of this, many startups begin in private homes.

However, there are always times when meeting there or in other casual spots is just not cool. For example, ever. Much of the time, even for creative businesses, it is very hard to impress an investor or new client from your living room. No matter how great your product or service is. And don’t get me started on Starbucks. So what is a new business owner or company experiencing growth to do?

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