Davinci 101: Same-Day Meeting Room Booking for the Mobile Entrepreneur

Davinci Virtual 101s

Business moves faster today than it ever has. Digital communication technologies and search engines have helped businesses to connect and align their business goals more easily than in any previous decade. Adam is a mobile entrepreneur. Working out of his home, Adam uses virtual office services to maintain a professional business address, a live receptionist team to keep his business running smoothly, and meeting room rental services to close deals and maintain a personal relationship with current and potential clients. Adam not only keeps pace with business in today’s world, he’s staying ahead.

Quite often as Adam is working on leads and following up with clients, the need to set up meetings on short notice presents itself. Without a permanent meeting space, Adam uses Davinci Meeting Rooms to book conference rooms by the hour, and due to Davinci’s ability to provide rooms on a next-day or even same-day basis, Adam is able to satisfy his clients’ demands in impressive fashion.

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How to streamline your small business operations

A doodle of a lightbulb and several other doodles to represent the need to streamline business operations.

It’s challenging to maintain productivity when you are trying to remotely manage a rapidly growing business. But, as the owner of a small business, your goals are simple: you need fresh ideas to help minimize operating costs, improve efficiency while traveling or working in satellite offices, and expanding your business’s reach. 

Streamlining your small business operations to achieve these goals doesn’t have to be difficult. Taking advantage of virtual tools and services creates many opportunities to grow and enhance work efficiency. Here are just four things that can assist in streamlining business operations:

Moving to the cloud

The first thing you should consider when trying to streamline your business operations is to go virtual and move everything to the cloud. This is not only optimal for working remotely in satellite offices or while traveling, it saves valuable office space and costs on supplies.

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8 Things You Didn’t Know about Meeting Room Rentals

A stylish, modern meeting room with glass walls.

As a small business owner, it’s likely that you find yourself needing accommodating, professional meeting spaces to host important client meetings. Meeting room rental services are a fantastic option to fulfill these needs. Here are eight characteristics of meeting room rentals you might not know:

  1. Convenient

Davinci provides professional, world-wide meeting room rentals. Whether you’re needing a space to host a meeting locally or traveling abroad, there are options available. Many of the meeting rooms are located within major city centers—making it especially convenient for meeting attendees to locate and travel to. Some of the international Davinci Meeting Rooms locations include:

  • Hong Kong
  • Korea
  • France
  • Germany
  • India
  • Spain
  • Mexico
  • England
  • South Africa
  • Australia
  • Indonesia
  1. Clean

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What is a Meeting Room Rental and Other Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Meeting Room Rental and Other Frequently Asked Questions

Conference and meeting room rental services are a great option for both small businesses and large corporations. If you’re in need of a space to host a professional meeting, Davinci Virtual has just the services for you. These affordable meeting room rental options are provided at low hourly rates and are available to reserve through a comprehensive, online meeting room booking system that is mobile friendly on both Android and Apple devices. Additionally, the onsite staff provides a list of amenities ranging from plasma screens to mailing or shipping.

Here are ten frequently asked questions you might have before making your meeting room rental reservation:

  1. Will I need to bring audio/visual equipment?

    Davinci’s meeting rooms rentals can provide all of the equipment that you will need during your time in our meeting rooms. While you are making your reservation in our meeting room booking system, there will be a list of technology services we can provide. At that time, be sure to specify the equipment you will require.

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Ask yourself this question while preparing for a meeting

The ultimate magic answer to meeting success, falls with the meeting preparation and one powerful question. Discover the question as well as the answer in this post.

All too often, we leave meetings without accomplishing all that needs to be done; and consequently, we have to schedule another meeting. Why is this the case? Was the meeting agenda unclear? Was there too much on the agenda? Should there have been material circulated before the meeting to prepare the attendants? Was everyone in attendance that should have been?

These questions might help discover the secrets of a successful meeting, but the ultimate magic answer to actual meeting success, falls with the meeting preparation and one powerful question:

What is the single most important item to accomplish in this meeting?

Notice “single”—one, not two, not ten, but one. Defining the answer to this question will help you plan effectively. It will not only help you determine where and how long the meeting should last, it will help you figure who should attend.

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Help! I Need a Conference Room and Office for a Customer Video Shoot

The use cases for Davinci Meeting and Conference Rooms are quite diverse.

Sometimes customers simply need a larger office with all of the proper meeting accoutrements such as a lobby greeter, Internet access, presentation tools, among other. It might be an internal meeting, or it might be a meeting with a partner or customer. Others may be looking for something more permanent such as businesses in the midst of an office transition that need a temporary office with full business services.

It really doesn’t matter at the end of the day. Regardless of the circumstances and the business objectives, we are there to help our customers plan and execute on their meeting room requirements.

Office space for a video shoot

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How to Meet Clients While Running a Home-Based Business

A grey city skyline, representing the meeting room and places available to home-based business owners.

Your home-based business has finally launched, and it’s doing great! Business is rolling in and clients are thrilled with your work. As your business continues to grow, you’re finding that more often than not, you need a place to host meetings. And as we know how busy life is, juggling your home-based business and your home—with all the dirty dishes, laundry, and kids that come with it—it’s safe to say your house isn’t always the best place to host meetings. After all, nothing screams “I’m a professional” like meeting in your living room or at your kitchen table.

Though you might maintain a very clean, orderly home, people’s perceptions of meeting there won’t be what you hope. Most clients view it as evidence that you can’t afford office space. While we all know this isn’t always the case, there are other options for those starting a business from home and meeting with clients—options that won’t break the bank. With these meeting space alternatives, you can still save money by avoiding the overhead of leasing a work space.

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The Top 10 Benefits of a Meeting Room Rental

The Top 10 Benefits of a Meeting Room Rental |Davinci Meeting Rooms

As a small business owner, it’s important to distinguish yourself among the competition. With meeting room rentals, you can stand out by obtaining all the tools that the big guys use without creating huge overhead costs. Renting meeting rooms as needed creates a strong business presence in any location with the amenities your customers would only expect from larger corporations. Renting meeting rooms, as opposed to leasing, allows you to project the image you want for your brand without breaking the bank.

Here are just ten benefits of renting meeting rooms to assist in your business operations:

1. Location convenience

Leasing a permanent office space can limit your availability to customers and clients, and organizations can end up spending a fortune to set up their office in a prime location. By renting a meeting space for only the hours or days that you need it, you can meet anywhere. With thousands rental locations in all major cities across the globe, you make yourself available to any customer wherever and whenever you need it.

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Meeting Room Rentals – Enterprise-level Professionalism for All Sizes of Business

Meeting Room Rentals – Enterprise-level Professionalism for All Sizes of Business | Davinci Meeting Rooms

While the world of business interaction rapidly changes with technology, a few things stay the same. One important aspect of business is that a company must maintain the credibility of meeting face to face. This level of interaction enhances a partnership, allowing deeper trust and seems to always increase meeting productivity. Most agree that face-to-face interaction adds value to a partnership, although it may not always be economical to maintain facilities large enough, and in reasonable locations, with the materials and amenities that a professional business meeting would need.

As an SMB or even a one-person shop, how do you compete with enterprises when it comes to maintaining professional, face-to-face relationships? Where and how do you host meetings with your important clients? Davinci Meeting Rooms offers a meeting room booking system that allows all business sizes to have access to formal conference and office space across the globe.

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