Meeting Space Rental: The Top 7 Questions You Should Ask

When it comes to meeting space rental, you can never ask too many questions. Take the time to consider all your needs. Understand any special requirements your attendees may have. And be sure to ask the seven questions below, along with any others you can think of.

  1. Do you provide audio-visual equipment?

Most successful meetings these days demand visual props in the form of PowerPoint presentations, clever videos or imagery displayed on a large screen to help attendees catch the vision. Your meeting could be a disaster if you’re expecting your meeting space to have these elements and you show up to discover there’s just a white board, and a small one at that. Always ask specifically about the audio-visual equipment that’s on site—and the cost. You don’t need sticker shock when you get there. You need to know what you are waking into and what it the price tag is to hold your successful meeting.

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10 Meeting To-Dos in 2017

Most business professionals cite time wasted in meetings as one of their biggest complaints. Studies show the average business professional attends 62 meetings each month, and of that time, 31 hours equates as unproductive. This tallies up to a whopping $37 billion in annual.

When workers feel unengaged and that their time is being wasted, the repercussions are dramatic. Forty-seven percent of employees describe them as “boring, pointless, and unproductive.” Consider some of the things meeting goers admit:

  • 91% daydream during meetings
  • 96% skip meetings that they deem a waste of time
  • 39% have slept during a meeting
  • 45% feel overwhelmed by the number of meetings on their calendar
  • 73% do other work during meetings
  • 47% aren’t passive-aggressive; they complain to others in the office about unnecessary or unproductive meetings

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The Supreme Benefits Of On-Demand Meeting Access For Entrepreneurs and Business Pros

OK … so many of us are now into an agile & mobile, work anytime/anywhere, work-life balancing way of living. Got it. And, since we’re no longer Headquarter or CCR (Centrally Commuted Office) centric, we also have found all kinds of cost-effective, clever ways to satisfy our spontaneous workspace needs … thanks in great part to the  growth and popularity of Virtual Office Plans. But what about when you need a Meeting Room — from a reliable, basic space to sit with a few people face-to-face, to maybe a locale that can accommodate hundreds of people with all the accoutrements and IT & AV gadgetry, plus catering, copying and other services that you need?

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5 Meeting Room Etiquette Tips for Meeting Organizers

In our last Davinci 101 we talked about a few etiquette tips for meeting attendees. Since most of our clients are often on the other side of the table presenting, we picked 5 more etiquette tips, this time focusing on meeting organizers and presenters. While there’s a lot that goes into presenting and organizing a meeting, proper etiquette is a great way to make sure that your meeting is memorable for all the right reasons.

  1.  Start on Time

Just as everybody is expected to show up on time for the meeting, attendees expect the meeting to begin at the scheduled time. If you are still waiting on some people to show up, start the meeting and offer to catch them up on what they missed after the meeting. While you may not want anybody missing out on what you need to say, it’s unprofessional to keep people waiting around for you to start the show.

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8 Things that Can Go Wrong When Planning the Location for Your Next Face-to-Face Customer Meeting

Customer meetings are probably the most important business-to-customer interaction that takes place during the relationship life-cycle. Customers have limited time for meetings, and thus businesses must capitalize on the opportunity to convey the right amount and type of information, foster strategic relationship building, and set the stage for the next set of desired actions.

Prepping for a Face-to-Face Customer Meeting

How businesses prep for and then manage these meetings is crucial. Much has been written on the subject. Tips and strategies include everything from doing your homework before the meeting, to dressing and acting the part, to setting an agenda and using it to guide the conversation.[1] And with the influx of millennials in the workforce (expected to comprise half of the workforce within the next year), the dynamics of managing customer relationships changes, including in-person meetings.[2]

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The Greatest Places to Work Outside of the Office

If you are like many other entrepreneurs, you are probably used to working remotely. Sometimes you must be creative when brainstorming places to conduct your work, and whatever location you choose, it must meet a certain set of criteria:

  1. It must encourage productivity.
  2. It must be reasonably quiet.
  3. It must have WiFi.

Chances are that, as a mobile professional, you regularly rely on one or more of the most popular locations to work remotely because they meet your criteria and offer a more relaxing workspace than your office:

  1. Coffee Shops

Coffee shops, by nature, are known for being a hub of creativity. It’s no surprise that mobile entrepreneurs consider them to be such great work environments. Not only is it easier to focus when you are removed from office interruptions, the atmosphere of coffee shops is conducive to productivity. Coffeehouse music, generally, is soft and not distracting, and access to endless coffee is enough to keep you focused for hours.

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5 Meeting Room Etiquette Tips for Meeting Attendees

Davinci Virtual 101s

Business meetings can be held for a wide variety of reasons, but the impression you make on others is often the most memorable part of the event. As business partnerships are usually built on trust, making positive impressions in every meeting can help your business grow. Below are a few small tips for maintaining proper etiquette during meetings where you have been invited to attend.

  1. Be on Time!

Perhaps the most important thing you can do to prepare for a good meeting is to be on time for the event. People often operate on tight schedules, and if you cause delays, everybody is going to feel put out if the meeting ends with unresolved items. Always plan to be early to every meeting so potential delays won’t be much of an issue. If an emergency or an unavoidable problem arises that causes you to be late, try and notify each attendee that you’re running behind and let them know that they’re free to start the meeting in your absence.

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How to Utilize a Seminar Room For Expanding Business

Is hosting seminars part of your marketing strategy? If you are like many small businesses, you probably haven’t considered the value of using seminar rooms to expand your business.

Seminars are a proven way to increase your business’s exposure, establish your business as a leader in the community, and strengthen relationships with business partners and clients.

Whether you have a conference room available or rely on conference room rentals, there are several events you should be hosting to make your business grow:

Seminars on a specialized topic

If your business specializes in anything at all, such as a certain product or service, you are in the right position to host a seminar. Seminars are educational events held by businesses to educate clients or other people in their industry on a specific topic. Experts gather to speak and teach the community about a variety of topics. From law practices to health care technology, the range of possible topics is endless.

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Client Success: In the Light Magazine

This month’s client success story is brought to us by Tyree Reeves in our Davinci Meeting Rooms department.

In the Light Magazine has been booking meetings with Davinci Meeting Rooms for a year now. Last month, Brittney with In the Light Magazine needed an office for an interview. She reserved a day office at the Madison Office Suites in New York City, NY. Brittney noted “At first I was slightly skeptical, but Davinci exceeded my expectations. The building itself: from the lobby, the elevators, the reception room, and day office looked so much better than the photographs I had seen online. The security guard and the receptionist were very sweet, helpful, and professional. As an online-based organization, my client was highly impressed. I am planning to book again either as this location (or try a new one just for fun) very soon. I’m so glad Davinci exists and makes this possible for small non-profits such as mine.”

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5 remarkable reasons to use conference room rentals

A modern looking meeting space with a table and chairs.

As a growing business, you need more space. However, office lease payments can squander your budget. Just as you need meeting space to grow and meet with new prospective clients, you need to cut costs where you can, too.

There are many reasons businesses prefer conference room rentals, whether it be the freedom to travel or access to technology and services they may not otherwise be able to afford. Every business can find value and opportunity unique to their industry and operations by renting meeting spaces.

Here are five remarkable reasons to use conference room rentals that consistently yield results: 

  1. More flexibility to travel 

In today’s market, business traveling is more commonplace than ever before. Conference room rentals can give you the tools to embrace mobility while saving you money in the process. 

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