Las Vegas – More Than Just Night Life

Meeting rooms_week 26_3Las Vegas is known for its glitz, glamour, and casino night life. The gaming business is what keeps the town humming. Though Las Vegas used to boast a cheap getaway, with special air fares and hotel room packages – times have changed.

The corporate structure and investment of Sin City has long since become more of a tourist destination rather than just a place that attracted gamblers and heavy partiers – although, there is still plenty of that to be had.

It could be its mafia history – but conducting business in Las Vegas is really unlike doing businesses anywhere else in the nation. When mobster Bugsy Siegel famously finished the Flamingo desert retreat right after Christmas in 1946, everyone said he was nuts. And he was, according to legend. But nutty people can also be very charismatic, as Siegel was. They are the ones that are obsessed with and want to form the future …something that regular folk have no interest in doing.

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