The Tide Has Turned On What It Takes To Run a Successful Meeting

It used to be that when a company or manager planned a meeting, their employees participated with apparent interest, be it real or feigned, by demonstrating visual attentiveness. Regardless of whether they were into it or not, most employees would listen intently, and did so out of manners and courtesy, at which time they provided their undivided attention.

In many corners these days, all bets are off when it comes to the old standards of having facial and body language be the primary indicator of how attentive the meeting attendees are. Many Gen-Y/Millennial digital natives don’t provide such continual eye-contact during meetings — and unless it’s an old school ‘digital immigrant’ conducting the meeting and upholding the traditional cultural standard of visual attentiveness, the meeting leader doesn’t expect it, either.


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Find Success With A Davinci Meeting Rooms Planner

Kalie, Your Meeting Room Planner

Organizing a meeting, especially with prospective clients, takes a lot of planning, consideration, and effort. For many small businesses owners, mobile entrepreneurs, and independent consultants, the meeting planning process is often a bit stressful. Davinci Meeting Rooms understands that the process can feel a bit overwhelming at times and has created a product that removes the stress and the hassle while providing a meeting space that is sure to impress.

In today’s environment, even small meetings can be pretty demanding from a technological standpoint. Internet access, audio-visual presentation tools, and video conferencing are just a few of the things we use to conduct meetings. Throw in catering and room preparation, and it’s easy to see how someone can simply feel overwhelmed by the meeting planning process. For as cheap as a few cups of coffee, Davinci Meeting Rooms can actually handle the entire meeting planning process, including room setup, room booking, and providing the necessary technology and tools for you and your clients.

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The Greatest Places to Work Outside of the Office

If you are like many other entrepreneurs, you are probably used to working remotely. Sometimes you must be creative when brainstorming places to conduct your work, and whatever location you choose, it must meet a certain set of criteria:

  1. It must encourage productivity.
  2. It must be reasonably quiet.
  3. It must have WiFi.

Chances are that, as a mobile professional, you regularly rely on one or more of the most popular locations to work remotely because they meet your criteria and offer a more relaxing workspace than your office:

  1. Coffee Shops

Coffee shops, by nature, are known for being a hub of creativity. It’s no surprise that mobile entrepreneurs consider them to be such great work environments. Not only is it easier to focus when you are removed from office interruptions, the atmosphere of coffee shops is conducive to productivity. Coffeehouse music, generally, is soft and not distracting, and access to endless coffee is enough to keep you focused for hours.

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5 Meeting Room Etiquette Tips for Meeting Attendees

Davinci Virtual 101s

Business meetings can be held for a wide variety of reasons, but the impression you make on others is often the most memorable part of the event. As business partnerships are usually built on trust, making positive impressions in every meeting can help your business grow. Below are a few small tips for maintaining proper etiquette during meetings where you have been invited to attend.

  1. Be on Time!

Perhaps the most important thing you can do to prepare for a good meeting is to be on time for the event. People often operate on tight schedules, and if you cause delays, everybody is going to feel put out if the meeting ends with unresolved items. Always plan to be early to every meeting so potential delays won’t be much of an issue. If an emergency or an unavoidable problem arises that causes you to be late, try and notify each attendee that you’re running behind and let them know that they’re free to start the meeting in your absence.

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How to Utilize a Seminar Room For Expanding Business

Is hosting seminars part of your marketing strategy? If you are like many small businesses, you probably haven’t considered the value of using seminar rooms to expand your business.

Seminars are a proven way to increase your business’s exposure, establish your business as a leader in the community, and strengthen relationships with business partners and clients.

Whether you have a conference room available or rely on conference room rentals, there are several events you should be hosting to make your business grow:

Seminars on a specialized topic

If your business specializes in anything at all, such as a certain product or service, you are in the right position to host a seminar. Seminars are educational events held by businesses to educate clients or other people in their industry on a specific topic. Experts gather to speak and teach the community about a variety of topics. From law practices to health care technology, the range of possible topics is endless.

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Learn How to Hire Your own Leonardo da Vinci

In a recent article on Business Insider, Drake Baer took a look at Leonardo da Vinci and pointed out why successful people often develop their career paths in a similar way as the original Renaissance Man did. The article pointed out that da Vinci wore several different job hats at one time, essentially making himself, to use today’s terminology, a portfolio worker. Any employer, especially a small business owner, would love to have a modern Leonardo da Vinci on staff, but it can be a little tricky trying to identify the kinds of people who can be that sort of employee.

But how do you hire an employee that can turn into somebody special within your company? How do you know who to target? It’s common to hire people based on their skill set, but there’s another way to measure applicants that might help you better identify high potential talent. Rather than reading lists of skills and wondering how they’ll translate to the job you’re looking to fill, look at personality traits. Most often skills that an individual develops are born out of their personality traits.

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How to Compete as a Small Business in a Big Business World

No matter what kind of small business you own, you’re bound to have larger competitors. It isn’t a question of “if,” but rather a matter of “when.”

When a big business emerges in your market, it can be challenging to compete with them when you are on a small business budget. After all, you have very different business structures and resources at your disposal. However, this doesn’t mean that your potential is restricted. There are many things you can do maintain the success of your small business in a big business world.

Emphasize what makes your business unique

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Client Success: In the Light Magazine

This month’s client success story is brought to us by Tyree Reeves in our Davinci Meeting Rooms department.

In the Light Magazine has been booking meetings with Davinci Meeting Rooms for a year now. Last month, Brittney with In the Light Magazine needed an office for an interview. She reserved a day office at the Madison Office Suites in New York City, NY. Brittney noted “At first I was slightly skeptical, but Davinci exceeded my expectations. The building itself: from the lobby, the elevators, the reception room, and day office looked so much better than the photographs I had seen online. The security guard and the receptionist were very sweet, helpful, and professional. As an online-based organization, my client was highly impressed. I am planning to book again either as this location (or try a new one just for fun) very soon. I’m so glad Davinci exists and makes this possible for small non-profits such as mine.”

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Five Reasons to Use Conference Room Rentals for Your Small Business

Two skyscrapers against a blue sky with clouds.

As a small business owner, you are proud to offer a level of personal touch that large corporations just can’t achieve. Often times, however, a small business might feel a slight disadvantage when compared side by side to large competitors. Finding tips and tools to hurdle those disadvantages can go a long way.

More and more small business owners are rapidly discovering the seemingly endless benefits to utilizing meeting and conference room rental services. Though these services are available to all business types and sizes, they more obviously benefit small business owners. See our list of five reasons to use conference room rental services:

  1.  Accessibility:

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Conference Room Rentals: A Small Business Trend in 2015

A city landscape with high rise office buildings containing conference room rentals..

More than ever, small business owners are finding ways to improve their processes and drive profitability. One of this year’s biggest small business trends comes with no surprise: conference room rentals.

Conference room rentals answer the meeting needs small business owners might have while on the go—very conveniently and at a low cost. When you’re in need of a location to hold a meeting, you have a mental checklist of criteria that you want the meeting space to meet: clean, professionally furnished, convenient location, and cost efficient. Your list might also include supplies you need for the meeting to be successful: phone conferencing services, high-speed Internet, projectors, etc. 

Finding conference rooms for rent matching all of this criteria seems too good to be true—but it’s not. Davinci Meeting Rooms provides space that fulfills the needs of your checklist, plus more. Ranging in size, there are meeting rooms available to rent as day offices, training rooms, and various sizes of large conference rooms accommodating 20+ attendants.

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