The Best Gifts for Business Travelers

The Best Gifts for Business Travelers | Davinci Meeting Rooms

With the holidays upon us, we’re all thinking long and hard about the people we are looking to buy gifts for. We understand that while you want to make it meaningful, you also want your gift to be put to good use. Finding that perfect balance of relevant, yet thoughtful is the key. And when it comes to finding the best gift for business travelers, who always seems to be on the road, the ideas come few and far between.

Most of our meeting room rental customers are seasoned business travelers, visiting both in-state and foreign cities to meet with associates and host important, effective meetings. While much of their productive business travel time is spent in our world-wide meeting rooms, you can’t forget all of the time they spend in airports, on planes, in hotels, and navigating cities. So, we’ve compiled a full list of the best gift ideas for business travelers.

  1. App store gift card: It’s likely the business traveler you’re shopping for is a frequent travel app users. In fact, whether they’re an Apple or Android customer, they probably have our free travel-friendly meeting room finder app. With the availability of useful travel apps, music, movies, and virtually every type of media on the go, an iTunes store or Amazon gift card would be perfect. This gift option allows you choose exactly the amount you were hoping to spend and surely won’t go unused.
  2. Kindle Fire 7” Tablet (HD): Depending on the vendor, you can buy a Kindle Fire 7” Tablet in HD for less than $150.00 (see amazon). This handy device is perfect for a business traveler—it is a light, compact reading device and also a means of enjoying movies, games, TV, Web browsing, and more.
  3. New carry-on bag: Every traveler needs a nice, light-weight carry-on bag. There are lots of options from sturdy, virtually tare-free, synthetic bags to beautiful leather ones. Be sure it’s dimensions will fit in a plane’s overhead bin. Also, read reviews on the bag you want to buy before making the purchase; check that it has sturdy wheels, practical pockets, etc. If you pick a good one, your business traveler will love it!
  4. Power cord adapter: Having a functioning power cord for quick-charging power access is essential when traveling for business. However, this can become an issue if business requires overseas travel. Find your world business traveler a versatile power cord adapter. While looking for the perfect one, be sure it is compact and reliable. Because when you’re on the go, there’s nothing worse that waiting for a battery to charge on a cheap, slow power cord.
  5. Travel pillow: Traveling for business typically requires red-eye or early-morning flights. Make sure your business traveler is equipped with a comfy travel pillow to help ease the discomfort of trying to catch some shut-eye on a flight. Travel pillows are available at a variety of prices, ranging in material and size. You can even buy inflatable travel pillows, which are about as compact as they come.
  6. Portable sound machine: For an affordable $20.00, the HoMedics Sound Spa Relaxation Machine provides several options for relaxing sounds ranging from white noise to ocean waves. Help drown out the unwanted hustle and bustle of hotel hallways to fall asleep quickly with this travel accessory.

What are some of the best gifts you’ve received as a traveling salesman/entrepreneur? Share in the comments below. 

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Coco Quillen

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