What Open Plan COworking Can Do For Your Business

The world is turning to Open Plan COworking … both at the business strategy level, and at the employee-preferred work-way level. COworking is super-popularizing and mainstreaming more and more each day as a work-way because of the many benefits it offers to a business, namely: employers and their staffs relish the elevated spirit and energy — plus the increased teamwork, innovation, motivation and loyalty that a well-planned and implemented COworking work-way yields, through its design and strategy that enables planned, as well as instant and serendipitous, collaboration.

Employers at corporations, plus solo-preneurs, free-lancers and start-ups at CWS, all enjoy the lesser requirement of space, and thus the substantial bottom-line savings, that Open Plan COworking represents. The demand for COworking workplaces and work-ways is skyrocketing, primarily driven by the changing corporate mandate to work even more economically than ever. The digitally-native and nomadically-agile Gen Y workforce, whose world-view and values subtly differ from that of previous generations, thanks to IT-mobility and a greater sense of corporate, social, and environmental responsibility coupled with greater health & wellness-centric lifestyles, have especially taken an interest in the agile, plug-and-go qualities of Open Plan COworking.

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Customer Success Story: Answers Private Investigation & Consulting

Our customer success story this week comes from a Private Investigations company Answers Private Investigation & Consulting.

Billivan Johnson founded Answers Private Investigation & Consulting July 2015.  They have locations in Phoenix, AZ, New Jersey and New York City.  Johnson’s team mainly serves attorneys and individuals but has done some work for businesses.

Johnson found Davinci Meeting Rooms when he was looking for neutral meeting space for an investigation.  Johnson says “Davinci Meeting Rooms is a great solution for my needs.  The location was perfect for where we needed to meet the client.”  Davinci Meeting Rooms was able to provide Johnson with the room he needed to make his meeting a success.

We love hearing how we’ve helped out one of our customers.  Let us know what we can do for you.  Check out our meeting room offerings at www.davincimeetingrooms.com or give us a call at 1.877.424.9767.

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4 Ways to Stay Healthy When Working From Home [Infographic]

At Davinci we are huge advocates for staying healthy.  Image is everything and you always want to be your best self.  So we put together an infographic with 4 ways to stay healthy when working from home.


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